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Concert Review: Romes Are The Essence Of Pop Music At Bowery Ballroom

Romes played a SPECTACULAR show at Bowery Ballroom, and made sure everybody knew that an opening act can still feel and behave like a headliner. I was super impressed by how they presented themselves as the embodiment everything we, the fans, love about pop music. From the flirts with the crowd to the anthemic hooks declaring “I Believe In Me”, the essence of pop music and Romes united to show that feeling good is never bad.

The Toronto natives blasted through their set unabashedly wanting and gaining the love of the crowd. Any artist that says I do not care what the audience thinks of me is either A) arrogantly avoiding how much they care or B) numbingly ungrateful to how they should care. Romes swindled their instruments like one would their beer at the Ultimate House Party. As they shook and moved to their own hits, “Spend The Night” and “Someone”, they could not keep their eyes or smiles away from the crowd. They 100% made their audience feel included, which played up the overarching message/ question to many of their songs: “Care to join?”. Each track was an invitation to either start a relationship or a good times, and with their charisma, they were bound to start something. What I loved most about their show was that I loved all of them. Not one band-mate was left behind in cracking jokes and approaching the crowd interpersonally like, you would your best friend or girlfriend. I marveled at this approach because it made them more powerful as a unit rather than the “usual, band “ feeling that makes you focus solely on the lead singer. That being said, Jacob Alexander is a magnet for attention. He moves his body and lips as if he were trying to seduce Music, itself, to fall for him, and he has the voice to do it. There is an innate, declarative feel to his voice that makes their catchy tunes pop with firm optimism like, “Believe”. Thus, it was unavoidable that the audience went wild, and missed them as they left the stage, which, again, is a good sign for their future.

I could not stop thinking that Romes will be headlining Bowery Ballroom by NEXT YEAR. You cannot serve radio-pop with such charm, and not be rewarded with fans and arenas. Therefore, I was happy to be seeing them in their, technical, beginning. When you know someone going to the top, you cannot help but be proud that you saw them when they first started climbing. For More Information On Romes Click Here.