Festival Preview #1: Elements Music & Arts Festival Is COMING! EDMers Unite!

Another festival is getting ready to ignite NYC’s Brooklyn with fiery sonic waves. The 5th Annual Elements Music & Arts Festival is coming through, and my only question for my readers is: WHERE ARE YOUR TICKETS?! With the top dj’s of Hip Hop, EDM, House, Trap, Pop, etc, Elements promises to be a festival for those that enjoy the remixed sense of life and music.

Elements Festival is one of the premier music fests aimed specifically for the love of electronic music. It is called elements after its consistent thematic usage of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. Yet, by the end of the night you will be the fifth element. It is one of the most visually spectacular festivals with interactive & large-scale themed art installations, 3D projection mapping, death-defying aerial performances, magnificent art cars, rides, slides, fire breathers, extreme wakeboarding activation, circus performances: You name it! Moreover, it has delicious food vendors and exotic clothing/jewelry vendors to make sure that Brooklyn’s famed “flea market” feel always remains. I have reviewed a few festivals in the past weeks Panorama, OZY Fusion, and, this week, Mad Decent Block Party. Yet, I am excited for Elements because it is truly a step into another world.

There is a sort of mystical nature to Elements festival. Brought to you by Bang On NYC!, the festival really does summon an immersive, magical vibe between as choreographers, circus acts, and aerial performers are splashed amongst the crowd. At Elements, no one ever feels like they are back on “earth”. The whimsical ambiance keeps a cool level of intrigue for its “goers” who never have “nothing” to look at and wonder. I have to admire the attention to detail Elements offers compared to other festivals. It measures up to its promise to transport audiences. While most festivals only feel like a spiritual teleportation, Elements also feels like a literal, physical one into a new dimension. It is absolutely lovely and worth every penny for those eager to gain a sense of escapism from their daily routines. Moreover, the line-up, as seen in the picture above, is INCREDIBLE!

Stay tuned for my artist close-ups on some of the musicians that will rock this fest. This year Elements has its strongest line-up EVER, and with their history of creating unforgettable, joyous memories for festival-goers: 2016 will be its best year yet! The festival will happen on August 13, 2016 and will be located at 699 Columbia Street in Brooklyn, NY. To buy tickets Click Here