Album Review: Ariana Delawari Delivers Beauty In Entelechy

Ariana Delawari has made a two album nosedive into the beauty of weirdness. It is no secret that this artist revels in the glamorous strange. Her sounds and images are for those that enjoy abstract worlds to be sonically painted, which is exactly what Entelechy I and Entelechy II does. 
Let me begin my review with Kudos! for Delawari’s creativity. Entelechy is divided into two albums of the same songs that are changed in rhythms and delivery. Entelechy I is like your swimming in a pool of vivacious electronica. It sounds like it was recorded in a film noir set in an EDM club. There is something quick and dangerous about its rhythms that makes it intoxicating. There is a seediness in its darkened emotions, vibes, and insights into a mind struggling with its own heartbreak, which is fascinating. Yet, this fascination comes, in part, because Delawari has such a relaxed voice as she sings on her struggles. She is a calm, straight-toned songstress, which allows the sonically synthetic world around Entelechy I to feel like a virtual rabbit hole. It is as if she is your Alice and you, like her, are trying to figure out how she can rise from the sultry but shadily rhythmic wonderland. Still, the best part of this two-part masterpiece is its contrast in Entelechy II.

While Entelechy I feels like a beautifully reckless world of high-tech music frequencies, Entelechy II is more grounded, tribalistic in rhythms, and feels like a desert journey into Delawari’s mind. Lyrically, I think the album is simple in its insights, which is good. The beats are so detailed that having Delawari’s vocal delivery and words be light allows her tracks to be mentally absorbent. Had her words and vocals been equally as extravagant, the songs would have fallen flat. Yet, the contrast is perfect, particularly in Entelechy II, in allowing you to step into the dream worlds it has built, whether dark or enlightened. In II,  that instrumentals are like pillars of sand that you walk through, while Delawari’s voice is the night sky filled with stars. As you walk through this musical desert, she guides you through clouds of emotions. Yet, no matter what they are, her voice is so calm, you feel like you can go through this desert.More than ever,  I picked up the human resignation and resilience her vocals were trying to convey. Still, the sentimental qualities I may have picked up more in Entelechy II, someone else might pick up in Entelechy I, which is what makes the double album so exciting.  It is up to your tastes and mind on how you receive its multiple, musical flavorings and visuals. 
Although, I loved Entelechy I and II, what I mostly felt was admiration for what Delawari had accomplished. Here are two albums with the same songs composed differently to give you a full and vast sensory experience. There are times when you feel like you could taste a song, smell a track, touch a beat, or see a lyric. Thus, I cannot even call it a cinematic experience because it goes beyond that. It is full on spiritual, and Delawari proves that it is her wondrously unique, creative capacities that fuel her musical rise.  
I usually do a list of my favorite tracks but this Entelechy I and II is to be enjoyed fully as each song flows into the other to be a world of its own. Click here for more information on Ariana Delawari and  to buy Entelechy I and II on August 12.