Album Review: “My Heart” Crowns salute The King of Electronica

Just when you think Electronica, the burgeoning, Millennial genre, will die, it transforms itself. You have electric soul with Honne and electric pop with Disclosure. DJ’s have arisen to electrify classic genres of music and give it a virtual makeover. Yet, salute has come to electrify EVERY genre from gospel to funk, and assure his seat as a rising hit-maker through his 7 track mini-album My Heart.

My Heart enters your bloodstream from its first beat. In most of my album reviews, I say how the record enters your mind, heart, or spirit. Yet, My Heart is something that you will carry as a life source, and flows through you as naturally as blood. It’s soulful melodic top lines, honeyed vocals, swirling synthetic vibrations, and rattling percussions embody Life itself, and are so engrossing they you might have to lie down after first listen. Songs like the hypnotic War Cry and the bouncing bass of Storm exalt salute’s capacity to infuse various music genres together. Yet, it is how he infuses people together that is his true gift. salute’s affinity for UK bass culture and US hip-hop & trap at an early age has helped shape his development as an artist growing up in Austria. Now living in Manchester, salute sees the UK as an “incomparable mix of cultures and the unique blend of people that makes this country so incredible”. It is his firm love for the vastness of culture, and thus music, that allows him to create rhythms that will unite everyone over the dance floor.


From it first track, ironically called Church, you know that you are listening to something special. I say ironic because My Heart feels as welcoming and celestial to all as a temple. It is simply too perfect and enjoyable to not be inspired by a clarity/ purity only associated with Heaven. Yet, that does not come as a surprise from salute. He truly approaches music with an openness and love that you would approach God with. He respects music’s power, and, for that reason, shows its ability to conquer. Songs like the gospel-club banger One More Chance and my favorite Forever, featuring Brooklynite KAMAU giving a playfully smooth flow, proves the adaptability of salute as a producer. He can compose rhythms that adapt to any mood, and elevate it into a higher, lighter space. Hence, salute exemplifies that music can conquer souls through its ability to bring joy.

I cannot recall too many times when a record felt so powerful that music caused a complete takeover of my being. Hence, my” music lover excitement” boomed at discovering an artist that would become my new fave. Every music lover has gone through instances where they scroll down their playlist, and feel bored with their typical selection of songs. They eagerly devour the internet for someone new to listen to, and when they find that someone it is a rare, indescribable “Aha” moment. Finding a new artist to adore can feel like you are starting a refreshing relationship that will last forever. You know that you are listening to music so unique and unforgettable that it might as well make a permanent residence in your iPod. You smile at the bliss of knowing you have discovered something new to love, and salute’s My Heart is that something new.

I cannot recall too many times when a record felt so powerful that music caused a complete takeover of my being. In 7 tracks salute entered my heart and made it his own. With infectious rhythms, feel-good sonics, and an overall talent to breed inclusiveness, salute’s rise as a global DJ is unstoppable. It is literally inevitable that you will love this mini-album and him. Therefore, I can only pride myself in saying,” I knew him before you lol!”, Click Here for more information on salute, and to buy My Heart,