Concert Review: Escort Is The Vogue Kween Of My Heart

Before you proceed to read my review, can we start a round of applause for Escort? This band brought Full Moon Festival to the actual moon. I kid you not!  Adeline Michèle built a sonic
 rocket-ship through her vocals that carried all listeners into space. For the one hour she played, I thought I was seeing a star before me. She like a literal cosmic light that had come down to make everyone feel like this is how we should feel at all times: in Heaven! The Vogue Kween taught a powerful lesson through her performance: play like you are the final act of the show.

 Lead Singer Adeline Michèle gave such a dominating performance that she night as well have closed the festival. It was as if no one had come before her or would come after her. Although each artist gave wonderful performances, there was a lingering flow into the next act, but Escort was a stand alone. This band brought a musical frequency that could be compared to the climax of your favorite book. Thus, if Full Moon Festival was a magnificent novel, Escort was its best part, which is a major feat. When I studied theater, I was told to always perform as if it were your last show, and Escort did! Their ability to takeover the open air and space that is Governor’s Island was majestic. You hear that! They dominated An Island! They owned everyone to the point that people whom were sitting had to rise up and shimmy off the excess energy they were gaining from Adeline’s natural zest. Again, I am not lying. As I looked unto the audience I saw some serious voguing. Cue Giphy Portion Of The Review To Show The Exact Moves This Vogue Kween Ignited:

And Of Course…. Me!

Yet, it is unsurprising that people began to vogue, as Adeline, herself, led the bunch. This vocal diva has a “tour-de- force” presence that makes everyone follow her command without a word. She is simply so fun and fiery that you want to join her in her song and dance. Moreover, she is determined to connect with her audience. She looks into the eyes of viewers to make them feel as if she is just playing to them, and they are spiritually right there with her on stage. In addition, her range can compete with the likes of Patti Labelle as she strikes a high note like she is ringing a celestial bell to call the Angels. It is something amazing that I note because, again, I studied theater, and I do not want listeners to miss the epicness of her voice because they are too busy dancing. Ultimately, Adeline’s performance is like a giant, spiritual permission to be your most lively self.

Escort, in concert, felt like a lesson for all performers on “How To Give A Concert”. They covered funkadelic classics like Talking Heads Burning Down The House or Crystal Waters’ Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless), which have gone down in music history as the most danceable wonders. This band made the quietest and coy of personalities want to bathe in glitter and start a conga-line.That type of musical/soulful magic is rare and a beautiful gift. I would highly recommend Escort for a concert, especially if you are feeling down, because there is no way that they will not make you happy or PARTAY!.

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