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Concert Review: Sondorblue Make Life Better At Arlene’s Grocery

Sondorblue might be the most perfect name for a band. The name, in essence, sounds like a soft sadness has draped over you as you look out the rainy window to watch people pass by and dream of their happier lives. We all love down, moody songs, especially because they, usually, feed our negative tendencies. Every human being has had a “grass is greener” moment, but Sondorblue brought out the beauty of such melancholia at Arlene’s Grocery.

As human beings, we can live by comparison, which can be good and bad. Yet, when we look at how others are living, in terms of joy, we try to see how they smile more times or more genuinely. I make these remarks because it is in this that Sondor Blue’s music rises and envelops the crowd like they are the letters to life and Heaven to help them get better. Playing a mix of new songs off their upcoming EP You Will Find Love On Ashley Avenue and off their previous EP Realometer, I could tell that this is a band seeking a sense of harmony both spiritually and vocally. Andrew Halley, Connor Hollifield, and John Sheehan share voices that each can stand out as leads. When you go to see a band, you always look to the lead vocalist as a central presence to the group, and though it can be said that Andrew, definitely, appears as the driving, vocal force, each band member feels like a lead singer of their own world/ group, as well. Each man had a voice that felt indulgent like, a batch gentle, balmy doves a re flying over you to make you lay into rhythms that aim to be welcoming and delicate upon your ears. From keys to drums, you get the feeling that Sondorblue wants to make you feel “sondorblue” as if it is a formal term for anytime you wanted to stay still, settle in, and look at how your life can re-balance. I am “sondorblueing” right now (lol!). Yet, when you get a pack of guys that understand vulnerability is strength, and vocals should caress the very chords they play, not overpower them, you cannot help but want to watch them.

Sondorblue feels like a band of leads guiding and thriving under lyrics that are far from being “boy-bandish”, despite sharing vocal harmonies. Songs such as “Ashley”, “More Than Reality”, and “Linger” tell the tales of wanting happiness to last a little bit longer, of desiring for dreams to get a little bit bigger, and wishing a relationship was a little bit easier. In life, every person thinks to themselves of “the little bits” of sentiments or situations that, if only, better would make you feel happier. Once again, with each having a voice that ranges in folkish heart, Sondorblue is a show to see when you want to chill in your feelings, and make your heart, for however anxious, a hammock to lay and swing in sunny rest. For More Information On Sondorblue Click Here.