Concert Review: TEEN Bring The Thrill of Musical Super- Heroines At Le Poission Rouge

With guitar riffs that echo Led Zepplin’s “heyday” and soft voices that makes it seem like angels are whispering over music, TEEN has proven why it has such a following in the NYC music scene. Their performance at Le Poisson Rouge on September 6 was enough to assure their name and sound Live Forever! These female rockers prove why ladies should not go first…. They should be FIRST!

The Rock N Roll game is not easy, and it is especially not the most open to women. For some reason, the rock ideology of “freedom of inhibitions” and “spiritual edge” is not often associated with the magnificence of being a woman. (Did I mention I all about GIRL POWER!) Thus, it was like watching stars play before you when Teeny Lieberwson, Lizzie Lieberwson, Katherine Lieberwson, and Boshra AlSaadi (and their friend Miles who played with them for the night) dominated the stage with an aura of liberation, love, and confidence. These ladies (And Miles lol!) offer Bowie-esque stardust mixed with Zeppelin’s arrangements. I know that is a high regard, but they deserve it. Their performance, for me, was a lesson in how true power comes from the heart.

As pink strobes criss-crossed LPR’s stage, I knew I was seeing a step- by- step on how artists conquer an audience. TEEN has an energy that smolders with an empowering force. You cannot stop watching them; not even to look at your friend as she passes you a beer lol. They are like musical magnets that give you an understanding on how to exude empowerment to viewers by exemplifying it in yourself. First Teeny and Lizzie Lieberwson have a perfect mix of sultry and sweet in their vocals. Whether they are intentionally being sultry with their voice is “up for grabs”, yet their airy range, mixed in with their sugary annotations, makes you feel as if a voice can simmer in cinnamon and vanilla. Then you go to bassist Boshra Al Saadi whose cool stillness makes her seem the like a statuesque model for electric bassists to praise. Move on to Katherine Lieberwson who might be one of the coolest people ever! She exudes a youthful fun as she drums up the beating heart of each track. Together, (including Miles for the night lol!) TEEN forms like glamorized super-heroines.

The frenetic energy TEEN produces in concert makes listeners thinks they have entered a comic-book of high-octane action and colorful images. Every viewer of their performance will feel like they have flown through the sky and saved a village with the amount of thrill and vivaciousness TEEN provides. Together they form a powerhouse that is undeniable and should be seen by ALL. Click Here For More Information on TEEN.