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Concert Review: The Chain Gang Of 1974 Give Gratitude At Rough Trade NYC

“Still Feeling Good?….. Beautiful”, are the words that the lead singer  of The Chain Gang of 1974, Kamtin Mohager, said to the crowd, which oddly encompassed his style. Although he apologized for being “under the weather”, I think the crowd, like myself, had high doubts of any illness. His energy sufficed for 10 men, and inspired people to give into his songs that are all about being the only one to catch the “BS” of this world. Thus, as he asked this question, to which the crowd responded with a resounding “Yes!”, his marvel and gratitude at having a beautiful audience moved me to appreciate more The Chain Gang Of 1974. 

In a world that works with constructed exchanges, it seems that thankfulness for what you have comes when you have lost it. While so many believe that acknowledging the good of their life is resigning the idea of something better, Mohager ‘s love for the crowd and the moment he was sharing with them gave the audience a sense of importance. It was as if we had all found the golden ticket in our Willy Wonka Bars, and now we got to witness how the sweet candy/ music of The Chain Gang of 1974 was made. As Mohager, jumped, tussled, and lunged around his microphone, the crowd was driven mad with exhilaration, and was encouraged to do their own aerobic moves as they watched. Seeing adrenaline blend with appreciation is an odd mix. The crowd’ energy surged more because we, too, found Mohager and his kindness worthy of it. Moreover, his care for the crowd’s investment in the show also brought out lyrical tension of his music.

The Chain Gang Of 1974 is a combination of indie-electronica and emo-rock. There is an inherent emotionality to their music that oozes of Mohager’s “in your face” vocals. Whether he sings softly or loudly, he never loses a note of confrontation in his voice, which furthers his “calling out” words. As previously mentioned, “The Chain Gang of 1974 writes music for those that feel like they are the only ones awake in a sleeping world. They aim for the loneliness and empowerment that stems from being wise, alert, and open during global times when closing off your heart, and hardening it, is way easier. By having guitar riffs and drumming that pulsates with the insanity of being sane in this world, The Chain Gang of 1974 build a concert that is uniquely inclusive. As you look upon your fellow audience members dancing, singing, and connecting to music that is dedicated to connecting with life, you suddenly feel less a lone. Maybe being a thoughtful, sentient being is not bad when you have the blazing guitar and vocals of The Chain Gang of 1974. For More Information On The Chain Gang Of 1974 Click Here