Diandra Previews: Bang On! NYC Presents Warehouse of Horrors!

Alright now I am both mildly terrified and super excited about this festival. Halloween is both my most loved and hated holiday. Why? Because I am that person that goes to see The Conjuring 2 with their eyes closed the whole time. Pointless! I know! Yet, I love scary shows and films for the slight adrenaline kick they give along with the giggles you share with your friends. Thus, Bang On! NYC Warehouse of Horrors feels like a giant step forward as it adds on a beloved element to the laughs and scares of Halloween: MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
On October 29th, the 7th Annual Warehouse of Horrors will occur, and the line-up is PHENOMENAL! You will dance yourself into the night thanks to artists like Big Wild, The Golden Pony, and Alex English. As someone who has gone to Bang On’s previous Elements Festival, I can promise you that they WILL NOT disappoint. Warehouse of Horrors will feature 2 stages of music, one of which is called The Boneyard Stage! (I Am Already Yelling In Fear)! It is also includes the BangOn Silent Disco, freaky performers, hair-raising & interactive art, mutant vehicles, delicious & local food vendors, a bouncy house, a flesh-suspension zip line show, ghastly curiosities and much more! Yet be warned! This festival is awesome with its musical lineup and incorporated feature like, freaky circus acts, but it will also feel like you are walking through an episode of American Horror Story. So get your costume and GET READY! 


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