Diandra Reviews Entertainment News: Music VS Trump

It is no secret that the artistic world is NOT for Donald Trump, which is no surprise as creative spirit usually class with “business” men. Yet, never in American history have so many musicians gathered to use music to stir an anti- campaign towards a candidate. While many have complained of Trump’s illicit use of their music, i.e. Jack White, Queen, Adele, and R.E.M, this time they are dedicating songs to him……. and they are not good.
The initiative was started by Dave Eggers as a wa
y to promote a Trump- Free America with unreleased tracks and mixes from artists like by Death Cab for Cutie, Jim James, Aimee Mann, Thao Nguyen, R.E.M, and Bhi Bhiman. Their mission statement is poignant and clear… THEY ARE NOT FOR TRUMP. The statement calls him ignorant, divisive, and hateful claiming 

“Donald Trump would subject the country to the same hateful cycle of drama and madness that we have been assaulted with for the last year. He will continue to demonize minorities and objectify women. He will throw the economy into chaos and gut environmental regulations. He will devastate our standing in the world”. You can read the rest  Here.

The project kicks off with “Million Dollar Loan,” an original Death Cab for Cutie song accompanied by a lyric video directed by Simian Design. Explains DCfC Frontman Ben Gibbered, explains the inspiration for the song as,
 “Lyrically, ‘Million Dollar Loan’ deals with a particularly tone deaf moment in Donald Trump’s ascent to the Republican nomination. While campaigning in New Hampshire last year, he attempted to cast himself as a self-made man by claiming he built his fortune with just a ‘small loan of a million dollars’ from his father. Not only has this statement been proven to be wildly untrue, he was so flippant about it. It truly disgusted me. Donald Trump has repeatedly demonstrated that he is unworthy of the honor and responsibility of being President of the United States of America, and in no way, shape or form represents what this country truly stands for. He is beneath us.”
Well, Gibbard is not lying, and I adore when music takes a stand. It is such a powerful tool to move both body and spirit into action, particularly for enlightenment. Why do you think dictatorships always go after artists? Nothing like a creative spirit to ignite positive change.  I hope you the reader take a listen to both the song and vote on Election Day! Moreover, look out as a new track from a new artist will be released everyday until the election, and can be found Here.