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Diandra Reviews The Future: City And Colour To Play Manhattan Hammerstein

City And Colour may be from Australia but they sure muster an Americana vibe. Their folk-country rock feels like a drive through the meadows and memories that portray American Life; flags flaring, kids laughing, parents grilling, and lovers holding each other under starry nights. The band fully understands that music may be the keeper of sound, but it is the birther of imagination. A song could lead to a thousand dreams, and their latest album,  If I Should Go Before You, is, in essence, a billion.

There is a dreamy romanticism to  If I Should Go Before You that stems, in part, for its lyrical pleading to be loved. “Woman”, “Runaway”, and “Lover Come Back” are just a few of the tracks the spawn thousands of hazed and hued pictures that show lovers trying to keep their love ashore while they keep any potential separation at bay. If falling in love is easy then keeping love makes up for such ease with double the roughness. Building relationships are not hard, but maintaining them is because, after awhile, we start to forget that to maintain something you still have to keep building it. From “Blood” to “Northern Lights”, City And Color play with the idea that for love to feel alive it has to feel like it can grow. It is not a set motion but a moving one, which they express with chords and drums that add moody, greyed sentiments to the bluesy vocals of Dallas Green. City And Colour will be playing on June 10 at Manhattan Hammerstein and to buy tickets and their album If I Should Go Before You by Click Here.