Ticketmaster Introduces A New Music Fave in FOXTRAX!

Ticketmaster’s New Music Favorite program is just one more amazing outlet, beyond my own (lol!), for you to discover artist that speak to both your sonic and spiritual pleasure. The new initiative is already booming in followers and selection with the alt-pop band being one of their inaugural picks.
FOXTRAX is a solid, first choice as they catch pop music with a rocker edge.

There is an arid nature to Foxtrax sounds that makes them sound like souls coursing through a desert thirsting for life’s drink. Their songs speak on what it is to have desire, and the hustle that can takeover a soul striving for however it defines “more”.  From a want of love or personal greatness, Foxtrax greets the innocence of pop music with a hardened, sharp blade of rock n’ roll. After releasing their debut EP “The Cabin” to critical acclaim in July, FOXTRAX are back in the studio working on new songs that will showcase at SXSW in 2017. The EP was applauded for the emotive vocals of singer Ben Schneid and its ability to make haunting lyrics and instrumentals hook listeners with its catchiness. Not many can say that “haunting” and “catchy” are two words they would like together, but Foxtrax musically blends the two to hook listeners into their blues.

Authentic and anthemic are just a few words associated with this band, to which I add addictive in describing their sound.  While they have received favoritism and praise by many, their music consistently proves it is well-deserved. FOXTRAX plays with their heart, which means you will, naturally, listen to them with yours, as well. Click Here for more information on FOXTRAX or to buy The Cabin EP.