Album Review: AlunaGeorge I Remember Will Make Fans Go Wild Like They Are In Ibiza

AlunaGeorge’s I Remember is like a giant bag of mixed candy. Sweet sounds playfully interact to serve you some really tasty beats. Hence, I Remember comes off the like a musical recap of one of the craziest, funnest nights of your life. Yet, this is not just “any night”. This album feels like a night in Ibiza.

Excuse me as I brag about my past life. A few years ago, I went to Ibiza for a few days, which was one of the wildest times in my life. No there is no video footage of the madness because I did not go MAD! Yet, as I watched people bump their bodies as if they could literally become the bassline, I realized the true meaning of clubbing. It is an activity purposefully planned to have a good time no matter what, and, for many, Ibiza is a literal Spanish island that says “No Bad Times” from the minute you land to the minute you leave. Thus, I Remember reminds me exactly of that motto and the positive, adrenaline vibe.

AlunaGeorge have created a record that is 100% ELECTRO-POP and a GOOD TIME! The whole album feels like you have stepped out of the taxi with your friends, are entering the club, have a few laughs and tiffs, and then you are off to dreaming about the blast you had. It’s rhythms, even in more downtempo tracks like Mediator, never lose that sense of “You need to stand for this!”. In essence, whether you are dancing or standing and letting the rhythms drop unto you like glittered rain,  the point is YOU WILL NOT SIT! Aluna Francis has the perfect “ice cream” voice for the syncopated synthetics of George Reid ‘s created rhythms. I call Aluna’s voice ice cream because like the delightful treat, there is an addictive, universal joy to her sugary vocals. She always manages to come like a subtle hit of hyper energy, despite her soft tone.

Overall, I Remember is for those that want to dance to either heartbreak or heartfulness. As in all pop, songs are written to lyrically aim at the empowerment or powerlessness that love can make your feel. Still, you go to AlunaGeorge because this duo knows how to make you feel, again, like you are in Ibiza. For more information on AlunaGeorge and to buy I Remember Click Here