Artist Preview: Tourist is Coming To NY, Which Means You Are Going To His Concert!

Tourist is coming to NY !!!!!! London-based GRAMMY Award winning writer-producer William Phillips, AKA Tourist, is coming to the U S A, and it is going to be sooooo good. Tourist is strictly for electronica fans, as his is music the creme de la creme of this adrenaline- inducing genre.

Electronica is music that is made for those that literally want to bounce off the walls like they were virtual reality characters. Luckily, Tourist understands that this genre is all about incurring visions of an alternate, mind-altering reality. His songs make you feel like you are running in a game, possibly the Hunger Games. As you run, you are booming with thoughts, moves, and emotions with the aim to save your life. Okay, obviously, you are not trying to save your life or fighting in the actual Hunger Games when you go to his concert. Yet, my life-saving analogy is not far off in the spiritual experience this artist brings through his concerts. Each synthetic mix he brews feels like a moment tossed into the air, and, if you do not catch it them, you will lose the opportunity to feel present. This could be why Tourist has played in major music festivals like, Coachella and Pitchfork. His music makes you want to stay clear so that its has an open path into you heart and mind.

His latest album, U,  is about all about  love, from the beginnings of a relationship to the parting of ways. The album took years to make, but it was worth the wait. It has been critically praised and furthered the producer as one that could work both behind and in front of the stage. Click Here for more information on Tourist, and to buy tickets to his September 22 concert at Music Hall of Williamsburg.