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Artist Close-Up:Gabriel Garzón-Montano Makes You Want To “Crawl” For His Music

I am always saying I enjoy and admire artists that sound different but good. It is not enough that you set your own path, but that you also make it one people wish to follow. Gabriel Garzón-Montano has done that in his new single “Crawl”. It is a mixture of soul-pop with a splash of psychedelia made to prove that seduction should always come with a twist.

Releasing his new album, Jardín,, in 2 weeks, 2017 looks like a great year for Gabriel Garzón-Montano. On Jardín, he sings of the struggles and uncertainties of the many-layered game that is America today, from the specific doubt and double consciousness of the first-generation hustle, to the universal challenges of love, legacy, and exploring the maze of one’s own mind. Such deep topic, needs a voice like Montano that is naturally cool and clam. Its hints of soul are effortless, yet what makes his voice attractive is how the lyrics seems to fall out him like a musical conversation. Cue “Crawl” as Montano’s remembrance of his personal foolishness with a lover, while he also recalls his longing to to have their body “Crawl” on him again.

Montano’s capacity to bring the nuance of sex with a casual sophistication is what makes “Crawl” an amazing “on-the-go” track and his upcoming album so anticipated. We all want music that just fits into our day with emotional ease, but also has a slight edge and distinction so that it does not sound like “another radio song”. Montano gives his serenely sultry vocals a sense style through pop-rock instrumentals that feel as bright as morning. That feeling of sun is exactly what Montano is longing in “Crawl”. Sometimes, depending on the relationship and its end, I wonder what we miss more: the physical bond or the spiritual one. In some ways, “Crawl” is dedicated to that mystery. Sure, Montano is missing his lover’s presence, but it is that specific instant when his partner would crawl into bed and onto him that has his mind truly wrapped up. I have always said touch is a spiritual sign of love, and when that special touch leaves, you might miss the fact that someone held you more than the person that did. For More Information On Gabriel Garzón-Montano Click Here.