Album Review: “Trust Me EP” Is A Dance Jungle

Trust Me EP is literally a “dance jungle” in three tracks. A union between Swedish pop phenomenons, Robyn and DJ Mr.Tophat, Trust Me is dedicated to dark disco. It is all about the luscious grooves that spread the seeds of rhythm and freedom at the club. 

The club is a playful place where innocence and mischief can meet to either unite or combat. Enter Trust Me as your music guide to the mysterious liberation a heavy beat can give to a lighter soul. From its first, self-titled track you know something is going down. You have a entered the “dance jungle” where laser beams criss cross with amazonian trees while the Queen arises: Robyn. What I appreciate most about this track is how immediately it makes you dance. It enters from your mind to your feet in nano-seconds so that Robyn’s voice can be introduced in movement. As you sway, you feel like you are summoning her sweet voice which is so charming that it is, ironically, trust-worthy. Little laser sounds and bongos course, as she sings “Trust Me” and yelps in fervor. Robyn is calling on to listeners to see what she sees: “another life”. Have faith in Robyn and Mr. Tophat’s latin-infused beats so that you can see the starry nights they envision and will guide you to “Right Time” and “Disco Davato”.

“Trust Me” flows into “Right Time”, which has a faster pace. As Robyn coos through the track and the drums quicken, you feel like you are in a spiritual ritual. You are asking every dance energy of light to take over your body, and, with Mr. Tophat’s rhythms, you will receive them. Its hard to decipher which song is better. “Trust Me” makes you feel like you are a lion entering the club slowly to watch your prey, “Right Time” is your quick, fierce attack, while “Disco Davato” is your celebration. “Disco Davato” has a swinging beats that make you feel like you are basking in mystical glory. Like “Trust Me” you will dance with an immediate willingness that will remain throughout its 14 minute odyssey. Using Latin- Caribbean flavors to elevate his House mix, Mr. Tophat has made Trust Me EP a hard, dance album to top for the rest of 2017. It is so good that any other dance mix will feel like a copy or failed competitor. Morever, having Robyn’s pop sensibilities and regality adds  inspiration to this “dark disco” record. For More Information On Robyn And To Buy Trust Me On January 13 Click Here. For More Music From Mr. Tophat Click Here.