Album Review: Charlyn’s Self-Titled EP Is 80’s Love Therapy

Moreover, her music seems like a rising tide of sweet vulnerability. With a cool, velvety 80’s backdrop, Charlyn creates music that makes you move in pensiveness, which I love. Listening to her self-titled debut, it makes me want to dance, but also take the time to listen to the stories and lessons she gives. Thus, here is my song by song review of Charlyn’s self-titled EP.

Dive: if Marlylise was the first released single, I believe that Dive should be the second. This track is charismatically beautiful. Continuing her theme of taking the risk and going for love, Dive seems like a song destined for radio play. Though it has an 80’s vibe, there is an innate freshness to it that makes it feel modern, as well.

The Last Dance: This was my favorite song of the EP. It felt more like synthetic R&B than pop, which was was refreshing. It is a kindly “cheesy” track that makes you want to slow dance like you did at prom. As Charlyn breathily sings “fly high”, it is sweetly empowering, and makes you want to be in love.

Eventually: Charlyn’s has a simple, wispy voice that is readily welcomed by 80’s electronica. The relaxed, thoughtfulness of her voice meshes perfectly with the cool synthetics of Eventually. The dance vibe of this song might veil the depth of this track about a young woman eager to be opened for and by love, especially after going through trials of passions. It is actually nice to hear a track that reinforces the common desire for “real love” as she sings. “Eventually” her work and patience will bring her a heartfelt love. What a positive, genuine message!


This is the first track of the EP, but I saved it for last. Yes, it is a great song, but its theme and lyrics that elevate its strength. Anytime and artist hits a chord of vulnerability, the turn a song from musical to spiritual. Everyone has suffered from angst and wonder over how they fit into this world. For however much you have, you still can feel like a “have not”, and finding peace and joy is the ultimate goal for all. Whenever a song speaks on this universal theme, it wins my ultimate accolade for vulnerability.

Ultimately, Charlyn’s self-titled EP feels like an 80’s love therapy session. It tells you to go out for love and be fearless with your vulnerability. Check Out her official site and buy her EP here.