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Artist Close Up: Nadia Reid Makes Music For Self-Confidence

I am convinced that the world has lost its clarity over confidence. Many people presume confidence is a loud, forceful affirmation of your greatness only to find that that notion, usually, leads you to crumble. The louder you become the more you lose your voice, but to stay silent does not help you to define it. Enter Nadia Reid to bring music the shows balance is key, and to speak with value means that volume does not matter. 

Reid’s voice feels like it was made by Mother Nature as she breezed wind amongst a field of the greenest grass. Yes, I understand that is a “sappy” description, but listen to her new song “Richard” or “The Arrow & The Aim” to understand how she uses her voice, words, and calming presence to exude that being yourself should not be a task or calling. It should just be. Still, Nadia’s music is all about discovering how. when, and why such a simple thing like “being yourself” can feel so complex. She writes lyrics and guitar melodies that, again, strike up that image of wind meeting the ground or rather Heaven meeting Earth. Reid gives you the sky with her piercingly clear, delicate vocals but offers you soil and seeds with words dedicated to the art of “growing” as a person. On March 3, she continues that growth with her new album, Preservation.

“Preservation is about the point I started to love myself again. It is about strength, observation and sobriety. It’s about when I could see the future again. When the world was good again. When music was realised as my longest standing comfort…..This record is about being OK with who I am in the world, and who I want to be. Learning to live with the fact I’m a person who operates differently to others.I’m richer for the fact I am a musician. Without this way of being, I couldn’t write songs.”
                                                                                                                                         – Nadia Reid 

An ode to self-reflection and self-imporovemnt, Preservation is bound to be as deeply intellectual and hard-hitting as her previous music. Although Reid has a beautiful voice with graceful lyricism, she aim to show the hard even ugly roads we take to find and preserve our light. For more information on Nadia Reid Click Here.