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Album Review: Anna Wise Gives You A Vision In “The Feminine Act: II”

The Feminine Act: II is the follow up to the Anna Wise’s much acclaimed 2016 debut EP, The Feminine: Act I. Both projects have a feminist, spiritual core meant to use a rich production and empowering lyrics that celebrate womanhood. As a feminist all about helping women find self-love through self-awareness, Wise is representing her last name perfectly. She is here o give wisdom through a carefully crafted blend of synth-pop and R&B groove.

The Feminine Act: II is a multi-sensory experience that draws you in like a neon tunnel has been built though your home. Suddenly, your “safe space” is brought an exciting development: how do you, as a woman, own, defend, and flourish you femininity? This question is not the easiest to approach, which is why it is like having your intellectual comfort zone happily challenged. It is through her synth-laced melodies that Anna Wise brings a sense of euphoria that helps ease the poignancy of lyrics. After all, thinking is not always desired by listeners, but Anna Wise knows how to embrace the harsher wonders of life through instrumentals that have a cool bounce to them. There are certain tracks such as “Some Mistakes”, “Coconuts”, and “Stacking That Paper” that, rhythmically, make you want to jump in a golden car and bounce it through your city streets. Yet, what surprised me most about The Feminine Act: II is its more dramatic, even operatic arrangements. “Self On Fire”, “Someone”, and “Balance In All” are mystical in aura, and bring out a theatricality to Anna Wise’s style that could easily fit a show playing at New York’s Lincoln Center.

Although Anna Wise is, rightfully, associated with soul and R&B, I find her imaginative synths add an ethereal nature to genres that are based on earthly life. While the beginning of the record has more pop/soul vibe around its middle, “Deeper”, to its end “Comes In”,  the album transitions into a dreamier, experimental sound with Wise’s vocals feeling like dense feathers falling upon a pillow-case of beats. Wise has a  voice that is intense yet breathless; it is an odd but wonderful blend because it brings forth the richness one would expect from a soul songstress while giving the softness a person would assume from a pop or folk singer. The combination fortifies her feminist lyricism that is all about observing your humanity in contrast and connection to how the world observes your womanhood. The result are words that are much wiser than initial appearance because Wise’s melodies are so attractive and hypnotic that you will have to listen to The Feminine Act: II a few times to capture its lyrical depth. For More Information On Anna Wise Click Here.