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Album Review: Tim Darcy Brings Back Old School Rock N’ Roll In “Tall Glass Of Water”

From beginning to end, Tall Glass Of Water plays like a old-school rock album. When people think “old-school” they assume 70’s. Yet, Tim Darcy bring back those Buddy-Holly 50’s/60’s guitar melodies that strummed with a quick charm. This entire record make you want to swing-dance for life or, at least, melt in bluesy-folk voice of Mr.Darcy. 

I love his voice: plain and simple. His vocals make putting on his music feel like you are turning on 1950’s radio in you red Cadillac. You want to drive to your local ice cream shop where they roller-blade you your chocolate cone. This image of simple bliss and innocence is what courses through the themes of  Tall Glass Of Water, which stem from Darcy’s desire to live. This may seem like a common initiative, but songs like “Tall Glass of Water”, “Still Waking Up”, and “Beyond Me” are dedicated to how glorious and terrifying an artist’s life can be. On one hand, you can feel exhilarated by being the headliner of a house show, and, next, you can feel lonely because your family, who you are away from, do not pick up the phone. An artist’s life is one that is lived with an open heart, which means it breaks and mends quicker than rollercoaster. The sporadic sentimentality of an artist is captured through the fast pacing of songs such as “Joan Pt 1.2” and “You Felt Comfort”. They make you want to run and dance through a marathon with glee, but these songs also lead to more self-confronting ones like, “Found My Limit” and “First Final Days”. Growth is an integral part to a creative’s life, but again it is both scary and splendid thing.

While Darcy’s rhythms and arrangements flow as coolly/bluesy as a river, his lyrics appear like the pebbles and bed-rock that can cut a river’s flow. For Darcy, he croons, wisps, and over-enunciates his lyrics to add a vocal texture to his sound. It is as if his arrangements are piles of warm blankets with his voice being the final coat. He wants you to feel his voice like you would a vibration; it just shakes you. Admittedly, it has been a good while since I have heard a voice that commands my attention through its own distinction. You won’t hear anyone like Darcy on the radio which makes his wry phrasing and raw honesty feel refreshing. This is a musician that resonates with greats like, Buddy Holly or Johnny Cash, for bringing back that country “dare”; the times when men did not mind saying their struggle, yet he brings that vulnerability to the modern-self-help era that we live in. For Darcy, he will only tell you his faults if he intends to heal them, which gives his poetic lyrics a maturity and grace we should all aim for. For More Information On Tim Darcy And To Buy Tall Glass Of Water On February 17 Click Here.