Song Review: Tim Darcy’s Music Is Like A “Tall Glass Of Water”

If The Strokes and Buddy Holly had a child and that child grow up to be a musician,  he would be called Tim Darcy. With a voice that vibrates, excites, and chills like the late, great Buddy Holly, and arrangements that sound as if he were backed by The Strokes, Darcy is bound to attract listeners with his debut album Saturday Night, to be released in February 2017. Still, for now, we have to settle for a “Tall Glass Of Water”.

Tall Glass Of Water
In “Tall Glass of Water”, Darcy asks himself the rhetorical question: “if at the end of the river, there is more river, would you dare to swim again?”. Of course, he say yes, but the question is,  “Do you?”. As quick drum and guitar play in the background, you feel permeated by the spirituality of this question. We have all, at least once, reached the end of a situation’s “river” assuming that life would be better and easier. Yet, the truth is, often we find more river or even an ocean of issues/ joys as currents for us to swim. In life, you take the good with the bad, and for Darcy it is up to you to decide when you are swimming and drowning. The keyword being when. It life is about perspective, than Darcy has taken a higher one, and placed  bright rhythms beneath it. As the river flows, so does Darcy’s melody and positivism at claiming that he will keep diving in to life as long as he has it. “Tall Glass of Water” has amazing optimism! For More Information on Tim Darcy Click Here.