Song Review: Marshmello Gives Millennial A Fun “Ritual”

Marshmello’s initiative is simple: he just wants to make good music. Yet, that does not entail his identity, which he hides under a giant, friendly marshmallow mask, nor does it mean songs that are in depth dissertations on human ills. Instead, Marshmello just wants to dance, and represent all of our escapist desires. When you go to a club, you do not want to think! Quite opposite! You want to be a blank canvas for the music to paint upon, of which Marshmello’s “Ritual” is a clear-cut art show in your mind. 
Marshmello – Ritual (feat. Wrabel) [Official Music Video]//

Set in a beach with a bunch of friends “living it up”, “Ritual” is as simple as it needs to be to represent fun. When you think of it, fun, is not elaborate as much as it is a potent and pure sense of joy. Wrabel’s voice is literally a vocal twin for Sam Smith, which makes the song have “Latch (Disclosure Remix)” resonance. As Wrabel sings of how his love for another has turned into a personally, kept ritual (romantic, unique idea), you want to dance and have roof-top pillow fights with all the exuberant youths bouncing around in the video.
It is unavoidable to enjoy this techno/ electro-pop songs. Its synthetic rhythms take a hold of your body, making you wonder if music can take you captive? Yet, this captivation is welcomed because it comes with happiness. For More Information on Marshmello Click Here.