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Film Review: Doctor Strange Is The Harry Potter Of Marvel

By now, I am certain that pretty much EVERY HUMAN BEING is going to see Doctor Strange this week. So there is nothing I can say to convince you this film is horrible. Why? Because it is AMAZING!

Brief Summary: Doctor Stephen Strange is one of the best, if not the best neurosurgeons in the world, but after an accident he loses his ability to perform surgeries. Spiritually fractured over the loss of his very rich, narcissistic lifestyle, he travels to Nepal where he is found by The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton), whom introduces him to the astro-worlds of MAGIC! Proceed to my review!

Doctor Strange has pretty much every ingredient it needs for success. First, you have Benedict Cumberbatch as the arrogant doctor whom learns “some” humility and a lot of magic: Doctor Strange. Cumberbatch is unsurprisingly good as Strange, and makes sure to elaborate the spiritual transition of Strange as some arrogant genius with the world at his feet to a more humble man with still some arrogance and multiple worlds at his touch. Basically, he is the new Tony Stark, and his Pepper Potts or rather Christine Palmer is played by the lovely Rachel McAdams, whom is supposed to be a brilliant surgeon/ strong female character, but like other Marvel female geniuses/femme fatales goes by the wayside. She gets what I call the “Jane” treatment from Thor, where you only know show is smart and strong because the movie tells you, not because you actually feel it. Yet, Tilda Swinton’s The Ancient One will have everyone, men and women, having there Dumbledore flag.

For me Swinton, stole the show by making wisdom and quick-wit the coolest thing you can ever attain. She is smooth throughout every scene. Swinton goes “toe to toe” with Strange’s, at times, bad attitude to become his eventual guide/ guru for hire. Every scene The Ancient One is in makes you want to know her more, and also ask Oprah if she could be featured on OWN. Swinton’s presence is magnetic, along with Cumberbatch’s Strange. while the rest of the cast is solid in marking their roles throughout the film but not marking as lasting an effect on audiences, even Mads Mikkelsen Kaelicius is well-done but not impactful. Although, it is clear we will see Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Mordo in a bigger, more diabolical development in the future. Yet, the scene stealer of the is film is the special effects.

With Fantastic Beasts coming out soon, I am eady to get a “MAGIC OVERLOAD!!!!!!”, and Doctor Strang takes advantage of that. The reason Strange will feel different and fresher to other Marvel films is because it is all about magic. What inner child will not go “ooOOoOO” and “Wow!” at the sight of spells and zaps zipping across their screen and mind. Hence, the spell-binding effects will fascinate viewers, and even attract new fans to Marvel, whom cannot get enough of the idea of wizardry in film.

Here Were Some Of My Reactions To The Film:

via GIPHY When The Ancient One Checks Strange’s Attitude And Teaches Him MAGIC!
via GIPHY  My mind-blown reaction to the special effects! 
My rather bored reaction to the “romance” scenes! #MoveOnToTheAction

via GIPHY The fight sequences HAD ME LIKE WWHHHAAATTT!
via GIPHY The Mid- Credit Scene/ Feeling That Dr.Strange WILL BE AN AVENGER!
Doctor Strange Comes Out In Theaters On  Novemebr 4.