Concert Review: Carl Broemel Is A Musical Doctor Strange of Music In City Winery

City Winery is one of the premier wine cellars in the city, and an intimate lounge for artists of eclectic essence. Carl Broemel is no exception. His cool visions of moons, rain, and the dream worlds we summon in our slumber created a meditative ambiance at City Winery. Combined with the already cool, chilled setting, Broemel came off like a Doctor Strange of Music.

Broemel stirs a cinematic multi-verse through his multi-instrumentals. As a musician, Broemel is simply wonderful. As he walked into  theperformance, you wondered where was the rest of the band, as the stage was littered with instruments. Yet, Broemel played guitar, bass, keys, a syntehtiszer, and even whipped out the saxophone, while singing songs that were all about the layers of life. Thus, seeing the layers of talent the My Morning Jacket guitarist has, added to the imagery of life and humanity being so much more than what it seems. Broemel’s music and performance is a celebration of the many, creative things a human being can do for him or herself.

Carl Broemel – Sleepy Lagoon – Music Video//

Sleepy Lagoon

The crowd went wild, combusting in cheers, at seeing Broemel glide through the stage to play each instrument on it in one song. It was magnificent, inspiring, and left the audience eager to figure out their own potential. I am positive that everyone thought, at least once, I need to pick up an instrument. Yet, the vastness of Broemel’s talent helped to further his songs’ themes of entering new worlds within yourself and the universe. Hence, my Doctor Strange/ multi-verse comparison, something that even Broemel quipped while on stage. The artist revels in the scope of his music with an excitement that one would see in a Comic Con fan. It is as if the moon, rain, or every bit of the universe’s nature holds secrets that Broemel is determined to discover through his music and lyrics. His songs drip with his personal fascination for the mysticism of life and being human. Such fascination is infectious, and furthers the audience’s willingness to go to the lyrical universes he describes and even dream of their own.

Carl Broemel

// is an artist that makes you want to explore your own talent and mind, two things that are the thematic hearts of his artistry. I cannot say that too many performers ever made me walk out feeling like their is an artistic side to me that is unexplored, but Broemel’s zest for life and music made everyone optimistic. Moreover, he ended the performance with a “bang”. He leapt off the stage and hi-fived and danced with audience members, whom were happy to share a moment with an artist that is happiness, in itself. For a night of cool, imagination inducing music, Broemel is a perfect choice. For Information on Calr Broemel Click Here.