Film Review: Jason Bourne is Back!

Jason Bourne is back, and in a new self-titled fourth film.  Although Bourne is as good as ever, I cannot say, truthfully, that he is better than ever. The newest of the Jason Bourne franchise is like welcoming back an old friend, which has its good, but not exactly its new.
If you are a Jason Bourne fan, you will love this film, as just a given reason to see Matt Damon rock this character again. Damon approaches the character with a casual confidence, and an innate freshness. Bourne is not tired. On the contrary, Bourne is revved up, and, for Damon, the role fits him as easily as a tailor-made suit. For this one, Bourne pretty much remembers everything, and feels ashamed that he was converted into a 100 million dollar killing machine. He takes on illicit, underground fights to hide and let out his pain, while equally receiving it. That is until Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) calls him to help her take down Tommy Lee’s wicked Robert Dewey. It is here where Bourne goes from beating himself up for his actions to taking revenge on those that pushed him to some heinous acts. Dewey plans to create a shadow government that evilly runs the world. (Note: this plot has been used by pretty much every spy film: Mission Impossible, James Bond, and even The Avengers, but it gets me every time). Dewey comes with his wicked assistants:Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander), Aaron Kalloor (Riz Ahmed), and The Asset (Vincent Cassel). The three form a triumvirate of determined malice that, again, seems so casual to them. Yet, it is Tommy Lee that shines as a villain that too coolly plays “the bad guy”.

The great thing about this Bourne film is the cast like, the marvelous addition of Tommy Lee. Everyone embodies their characters to perfection as they travel the globe fighting each other in the battle of world domination. It is the wondrous acting that makes everyone willing to enter this same ride. The actors carry the film to assure that is nothing is new then the old is still great. In addition, the film contains some heart-pounding, grounded action sequences that are visually stunning. They feel realistic, which is a change, from the mass destruction that summer blockbusters try to wreak. The Las Vegas chase scene felt heated exchange that for all its edge was filmed like, something that could happen. Hence, the fascination with Bourne and welcomed 4th film is that he feeds into ideas of government conspiracy.

I love this Jason Bourne film. For the current American political sphere, it adds to the mysterious sentiments of government corruption that people love to watch Bourne take down.  Is it my favorite of the series? No. I still favor Bourne Ultimatum.  Each, including this one, always offers high quality and consistently good storytelling. Again, the only problem with the newest film is that its not exactly new, but I do not consider that a “true problem”. If you are a Bourne and Matt Damon fan, you will enjoy this newest “notch” unto the Bourne series belt. 

Jason Bourne will be released in theaters on July 29. Woohooo!