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Film Review: Why Him? Is Hilarious!

Truthfully, I do not know the reason Why Him? has gotten bad reviews. The film is absolutely, laugh your butt off hilarious. No, it is not the most masterful or original plot, but it serves consistent laughs to the point  that you might have to see it again because, as you laughed at one joke, three others occurred. Such a capacity is proof this film is good, which is why, despite being a critic, this film is one of those that would naturally be panned by critics only to be loved by viewers.

I love being a critic, but I became one because I am first and foremost a fan. It is easy when your love becomes professional to lose the basic attraction you have for something that, before was entertainment, and now is work. Sometimes, especially after work, you are not looking for an innovative plot as much as good entertainment. I mention this because, at times, critics forget that depth of story is not everything to film, especially when it has simple but lovable characters, case in point: Why Him? In the movie, James Franco is both funny and charming as Laird: the deeply oblivious, unfiltered, but sweet internet tycoon who has fallen for Stephanie (Zoey Deutch) the beloved daughter of Barb (Megan Mullally) and Ned Fleming (Bryan Cranston).  The chemistry between Deutch and Franco is excellent and helps you understand why his crazy antics would attract such a grounded, strong woman. They are perfect opposites, which is also why you understand Ned’s inability to understand their relationship as he stays a week in Laird’s home to get to know him.

Why Him? is literally as the trailer shows: a man trying to understand his daughter’s choice of life partner. Again, not a revolutionary plotand delivery, but if a comedy film is meant to make you laugh, then this one does its job well. You really feel the love within the Fleming family, and can see their journey to accepting Laird as natural, which is why it is so funny. Each actor has a great connection with the other, which heightens the laughs and joyous atmosphere the film gives. Even Griffin Gluck as the youngest Fleming, Scotty, has show-stealing moments by simply being a nice, bright kid passing through while the adults try to figure each other out like an episode of Animal Planet. Gimmicks, pranks, prat falls, and quick wit ensue as each family member tries to see how to embrace the future of its growing family.

People think that when a baby comes a family grows, but we get new members through the ones that marry into our families, as well. Why Him? can get raunchy in language and jokes, i.e. its R-rating, but for the most part it is incredibly kind and lovely in its portrayal of the typical hurdles families undergo: marriage. When a baby enters a family it a beautiful force to be molded, but when a son or daughter in law does: it is you that has to adapt to their force.  Luckily, the Flemings find a way to adapt to their new, bigger family, while giving you a wonderful, comical look into their journey. Why Him comes out in theaters this Friday!