Song Review: Vei’s Debut Single Is A Unique Romeo For Your Musical Juliet

Fresh, raw, and emotional pop are how Vei describers herself, and I cannot say that I disagree. As a critic and music lover, I am always looking for the essence of an artist. I am basically a walking version of the most dreaded question we can ask ourselves “What makes you unique?”. Vei truly does not sound like anyone out there, which could leave listeners divided between those that choose to love her and those that will not understand her, as seen in her newest track “Rolling On You Romeo”.

At first Vei’s sound takes you aback. She is not simply a singer, but a melodic, spoken word lyricist. She fluidly speaks her words just on the cusp of rapping them, which, of course, is unique and immediately sets her apart from what you have heard. As your mind tries to place where she goes in your common, sonic sphere, you discover an artist that is playfully seductive. Her voice simmers like a smoky mirror: still reflective even if misty. Such a voice is a perfect match for instrumentals that are subtle and mysterious in bass and string arrangements. She is telling her Romeo to roll on, and rather than belting out an anthem of her independence or giving an electro-pop dance mix on her resilience: she delivers a cool, smooth rejection to her lover. Hence, she is fresh in approach to pop, which is why I said she is someone that can really rock your musical tastes.
Not only do I love how Vei delivers pop music, I also appreciate how she delivers its message. Pop music is always about the falling in and out of love, but ,sometimes, you have no idea where you are in that sphere. One of the hardest things to figure out in a relationship can be yourself. What you want and need versus the the wants. needs, and even standards of your partner can have you feeling like your “Romeo” should just “roll on” with his life. After all, how can you figure out the workings of your partner without any idea on how you, yourself, work? Hence, Vei delivers a song that is nuanced in lyrics, rhythms. and its approach to relationships.  For More Information On Vei Click Here.