Song Review: Idle Frets “Glow” In New Single

Idle Frets have been described as “made for radio”, which is an apt definition. The band sounds exactly like the tune you put on when you are driving in the car, and feel heightened confidence in your singing voice and its ability to keep up with words and pitches. Their newest song “Glow” is the exact emo-pop/rock jammer, you put on for the impromptu karaoke sessions that stir between you, yourself, and, on occasion, your closest friends.

Good music can be defined in many ways, but its funnest has to be its “sing-along” capacities. Idle Frets brings back the emo-rock vibe to pop that transformed its 80’s and 90’s sound into a more emotional experience. Lead Singer Ben Davies has gut-wrenching vocals that writhe in their own capacity to glow. He simply sounds like the quintessential lead vocalist whom uses lyrical vulnerability as a play against his listeners. Yet, this “against” is not an affront, but more of a challenge for listeners to not feel his words and join in as he sings to the woman that went back to her “old love”. instead of giving a chance to his potential, new one.

I love when a song captures a new layer of love. Amongst the busting drums and guitars of “Glow”, is a loud, gushing heart that breaks over a woman’s choice. It is not easy when you are not a person’s pick. It feels like a “double- wound”. First, your heart is pierced at knowing it cannot place its brewed love into the container that is this other person’s spirit. Then, your ego is stabbed by the gnawing feeling that you were not “good enough:” to be chosen. Of course, that is not true, but it certainly feels like the truth, and Ben has the strong, splitting voice that shows the pain of not being able to “glow” in love by your crush’s side. For More Information on Idle Frets Click Here,