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Artist Close Up: Banana High Is Reggae Rock For The Optimist

Reggae, soft rock, punk and pop,….. Um Yes. Yes, Yes, and YEEEESSSS!!! Who would think to synchronize the hypnotic rhythms and cool adrenaline these genres offer? Banana High! This British 5 piece have passed the last decade writing songs, molding harmonies, and assuring that their every concert performance is a detailed opus of positivity and fun. They clearly understand music’s power to uplift, and also its capacity for humor.

First, I  MUST put their personal Bio up from their fan page:

Eons ago in a distant land the wrath of a mighty volcano consumed all that was, is and has been.  The earth was poisoned with fire and time froze like ice.  Words cannot describe the monstrosity of this molten beast but what rose from the ashes, once the embers had burnt away, can. Five never before seen beings dressed from head to toe in the skins of a thousand bananas climbed from where they became. Tree by tree they seeded the lands teaching life to form once again. Music filled the air as they worked, it was faint at first but rising with the rebirth until music and life filled every corner of the land.
They sang their songs through all the years watching generations pass by and waiting for evolution to conquer the stars…

…and become Banana High.

Words cannot describe how much I love the laughs and imagination that went into their bio. This may be simple in perspective, but it is a bright introduction to the vision and light-thearted style that defines their music. These are a group of men that take life as a breeze, which is refreshing and explains why their songs feel like a batch anti-anxiety mixes. They are like smooth packets of adrenaline that make you want to get up and joyfully live out your day. Just listen their EP Join The Evolution.

In just seven tracks of reggae rock, Join The Evolution manages to put a smile on your face. From “Still In Disguise” to “Keeping Fishes”, they use vivid lyrics to give socio-political commentary on the day to day living that we all find relatable. From the ways we hide our true feelings to hierarchical/cultural greed (“People Make The World Go Round”), they use sonic optimism to deliver some thoughtful, jagged pills on how humanity should not only feel better but be better, as well. The extra, moral step is important in distinguishing the band as musicians and artists that recognize the power of music to make the world a happier place. For More Information On Banana High and To Buy Their Music Click Here.