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Artist Close Up: Jeg Elsker Dig “Noréll”

For my English speakers, you are probably wondering” What is Jeg Elsker Dig?”.  It means “I Love You!” in Danish, and it is the only phrase I know in said language. Yet, I am happy to use in reference the rising pop trio Noréll  whom are hailing form Denmark to bring their own EDM spin on genres like pop, dance, punk, hip hop, Chicago House, and R&B. Those are a lot of influence to blend, but trust me when I say Noréll have done it.

When you think R&B or pop, it is not always easy to connect them with the body-shaking/ mind-busting sounds of the EDM world. They seem too sweet and soulful to be electrified into the wild freneticism of an electronic bassline, but, in Denmark, Noréll have been concocting a distinct sound that gives soul to the synthetic world of EDM. Their plan to take over the EDM world starts with lead singer Marìe Louise Persson Bjarnarson. Her voice gives a soothing melody to the jaw-dropping bassline that her co-members Viktor Hagner and Nicholas Malling create, giving their EDM style a particular mind-altering effect. While most EDM just drops unto your brain like a sonic anvil, Marie’s voice  makes the bassline feel like a welcomed heaviness: as if the anvil has a plush cushion under it. The result allows for their songs to have a more hypnotic effect, as can be seen by their EP Damage Done. 

Damage Done is a lively, fun album that enters your mind like the sun does the morning sky. It rises with an animation that captivates you with its ability to move and make you smile without asking for your permission. Like most EDM, it just pulses into your mind like a force, but this force is so deliciously rhythmic, you will not mind the intrusion. Again. this falls on Marie’s voice, that brims with a warm welcome one would expect from a hologram hostess. She matches the virtual beats created by her fellow band-mates by giving playful annotations to lyrics that spark computer pixels into listeners imagination. For Noréll, they do not want you that have “regular dreams” but digitized fantasies, where you can run, slay, and dance around in your newly conquered kingdom: the club,  For More Information on Noréll Click Here.