Diandra Learns How To Be A DJ According to KSHMR

Becoming a world-class DJ might be the most lucrative, fun job you can ever have. You get to travel the world and make its varying people move according to your rhythm. Yet, to achieve such power, you need to have prowess, and to have prowess you need a few lessons on production. Thus, KSHMR and Splice have united to give four free lessons on how to make a beat.


KSHMR is globally renown for his distinct sound, and is a perfect choice for Splice’s initiative to make music creation a shared, high-quality experience. Now more than ever people are intrigued by music production because it has become so accessible. You can become Mozart from your MAC. Yet, with so much capacity to create, you need a clear, unique vision, which is not always easy to achieve. Sure, you can have the program, but with thousands of loops and hooks at your disposal, you can become bombarded and confused as to what will define YOUR, particular sound.  Hence, it is powerful and kind that KSHMR and Splice have united to make long form videos, lasting 5-10 minutes, tackling various production techniques like writing melodies, creative pitch correction, nylon guitar strumming and more. Together, they want you, the viewer, find your own, inner DJ.

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