Song Review: NAWAS Make “Wrong” So Right

NAWAS “Wrong” has a bounce that is TOO MUCH. This is the song you blast in your car, and act as if everything is right. The irony is that this song is all about how “wrong” a relationship can be. Even Romeo and Juliet, whom took apparent solace in each other, bred a toxic co-dependency that led to their deaths. I know this a rather dark take to this Shakespearean, centuries-old “love story”, but, I promise, “Wrong” is a much lighter track.


With an EDM drop that is mind-busting, “Wrong” is a rhythmic approach to the surprising darkness love can brew. Yet, it goes on to question whether infatuation is love? If someone takes over your mind and soul, then do your love them or do they just control you? Jake Nawas voice stirs this analysis as he begs his girlfriend to tell him “Baby, tell me what I’m doing wrong?”. He has melodic vocals that oddly make his yearning spark your physical response. Yet, when you have an R&B voice over a bassline that feels like sonic bricks unto your soul, how could you not be intrigued by this track? With electric guitars and an emotional hook that is both relevant and revelatory to NAWAS lyricism, “Wrong” will make listeners eager to hear their debut EP coming 2017. For More Information  on NAWAS Click Here.