Song Review: Matthew Koma “Kisses Back”

You ever hear a song and immediately know “This is good!”. It is like an instant pleasure hits you, and you smile because you know that you have added one more thing in the world for you to enjoy. Matthew Koma’s “Kisses Back” is one more good thing for you to know and enjoy.

Electronica is not usually known for its lyrics, but Koma is known as “The Lyricist” of electronica. He has written the words to numerous electric based hits like Zedd’s grammy award winning song “Clarity”, which, by the way, has stunning lyrics. The chorus is literally a poem to love. Hence, it is no wonder, that Koma will know how to put his best ,”lyrical foot” forward in his own solo venture: “Kisses Back”. The song is one of Koma’s first as a solo artist,  and he is making an excellent introduction. The track is tantalizing in rhythm, and a sure fire hit for the nightlife scene. I ask anyone not to listen to it, and not picture it being dropped by the DJ at the club. Yet, as he is a lyricist, I just had to look into the words and theme of this song. 

The thing about electronica, as seen in “Kisses Back,” is that, the beats are so captivating, the lyrics can be easy to ignore. This is why electronica is not necessarily known for its words beyond catchy hooks/ choruses. Yet, Koma is not a lazy creative nor is he ever going to turn away from what has made him a prominent musician: his words. In “Kisses Back” Koma takes the opportunity to sing on something we have felt: love’s disappointment. His vocals are a ripe, juicy blend of cool and emotional, which is why you eat his words like fruit. He sings to his lover how he want his “kisses back” after being scorned, mistreated, and unappreciated for all his love. The feeling is so universal and pertinent to “heart matters” that the song will not only make you dance but say, “Amen”. It is not easy to tossed away by someone’s love so coldly that you wish you could take back every warm kiss you gave them. Thus, Koma has not only made a song that is rich in rhythm, but humanly relatable in theme; a wonderful accomplishment. For More Information on Matthew Koma Click Here.