Song Review: Aaron Fontwell Will Leave You “Crystal-Coated”

Epic, mysterious, and whimsical are just a few of the words that pop into my mind when I hear Aaron Fontwell’s “Crystal- Coated”. This track turns your mind into its own crystal, where you will see the images, shapes, and colors Fontwell describes as love. Like the virtue, this songs vaporizes into your soul to redefine how you see life. 

The smoothness of “Crystal-Coated” is dangerously seductive and artful. From its bass to chords, it approaches listeners’ ears like a gentle kiss: physically entering your spiritual space. Yet it is its “mural-esque” effect that will catch you off-guard. Its strange sonics will attract you to glare into the song’s rhythm and lyrics eager to decipher Fontwell’s every meaning like, one would do when looking at a mural.  Such an effect is not surprising for this visual artist, that has turned the walls of his studio into a mural that inspires the abstract sounds and words of his music. “Crystal-Coated” is just the first of a few tracks to be released next month in his debut EP. The near life-long producer is seeking his solo venture into the music spotlight.
Crystal Coated

Like Lauryn Hill, Bruno Mars, and Pharell, some of your favorite artists have made their name from working for others and then themselves. Thus, it is no surprise that, eventually, Fontwell decided that there are certain songs too ingenuous and personal to be done by others. Only his scintillating vocals could express the verbal depth of his sonic beats. While his arrangements seem painted on your mind, his words add a quietly, impactful narrative that turn “Crystal- Coated”into a nosedive tale of love’s awareness. Click Here For More Information on Aaron Fontwell.