Song Review: Sorrel Nation “Watch Me As I Go” Will Make You Never Leave

We all need moments of peace. Songs that provide us an inner calm to help us absorb the day. Sorrel Nation has provided a tranquil track with “Watch Me As I Go”. This soft song is perfect when your mind feels overworked, and thus your heart needs a cool-down. 

Watch Me As I Go
The track can be categorized as a country soul, driven by the intimate bond of Sorrel and her guitar. As she sings of letting go of love, you cannot help but be captivated by her loveliness. She is delicate in spirit and voice, which makes the song a charming gem. Moreover, shows that Sorrel has key to longevity through providing an alternative in sound: quiet. 
Music can be loud. Music can be in your face. Yet, what happens when it is subtle? What happens when music lays you down and caresses you with its rhythms rather than shake you? It is a strange, comforting feeling when music provides medicine for your soul rather than ignition. Although both are welcome, many songs try to ignite a spirit, but Sorrel Nation wants to soothe the soul. Hence, though her vocals are flowery whispers on heartbreak, “Watch Me As I Go”is strictly uplifitng. 
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