Concert Review: Rebel And A Basketcase Let Loose At Rough Trade

Rebel and A Basketcase are like the modern reincarnation of Ziggy Stardust. Yes, it is a hefty compliment to compare Zach Villa (Rebel) and Evan Rachel Wood (Basketcase) to one of the most iconic, imaginative music acts of all time. Yet, the thing about an icon like David Bowie is that their legendary status was achieved by all the inspiration he or she spread. Bowie gave permission for artists like Rebel And A Basketcase to think outside the box and become their own dream.

Electro- Indie Pop is the genre Rebel And A Basketcase proudly proclaim, as they have managed to turn regular dreams into virtual ones through their simple strike of a guitar and drum. I cannot lie and say I was not curious of this band because of Evan Rachel Wood. She is an acclaimed actress, and I am always fascinated when prominent actors try to become prominent musicians because, for me, the two worlds are so deeply interconnected. Whether I am acting or singing, a new layer of my spirit is furthered and fleshed. Hence, I understand the fascination actors have with musicians, and vice versa. We are supposed to be representative of humanity by discovering it through song or act. Therefore, I was super excited to see Wood rock the mic and keys like a boss.

Oh Yeah

Both Villa and Wood seemed so excited to be onstage. They approached their performance like two children giddy over new toys. There was a sparkle in their eyes and twilight in their presences as they knew that to leave a mark in the industry, like Bowie, you have to act as if you are already a marker. They played their songs with an inner brilliance that made their energy infectious in its semblance of eternity. As these two danced and played their instruments as if they were playing with their children, they entered a mental/ emotional space where life feels like it can last forever. Such a spirit made you want to jump when they jumped or yell and sway right there with them. They simply commanded a level of following by presenting a mutuals zest for the stage. Dynamic duo might be a perfect, second title for this band that has one of the best chemistries I have ever seen. Their love for performance and each other only expands the theatrical ambiance they induce.

There is definitely a theatricality in Rebel And A Basketcase’s demeanor. They are so vibrant with both their looks and embodiments of their songs that their concert is not a music show but as MUSIC SHOW! That level of happiness and pride in the music you are making leaves audiences feeling shared in your empowerment. Moreover, there music is really good. It feels more than electro-indie pop. It feels like an 80’s vortex of synthetic, candy clad sounds and youthfulness. Alright, I know the is an oddly deep but abstract thought. Yet, Rebel And A Basketcase sum up the blend of abstract and depth nicely. They are the colorful alternative to those that wish to embrace their weirdness as a vivacious badge of honor rather than a burdened sense of anarchy. I am genuinely excited to hear more of their positive, dance rhythms, because they remind me of the strange but stunning John Hughes films of latter day. This is no surprise as his films deeply inspired their work.

About Rebel And A Basketcase
“Zach and Evan met while performing in a John Hughes Cabaret with the company ‘For the Record’ The actors would re-enact scenes from the director’s most famous films while singing songs used in the soundtracks. Evan played the role of ‘Basketcase’ and Zach played the role of ‘Rebel’ both in reference to ‘The breakfast club’ characters originated by Ally Sheedy and Judd Nelson. The show they were performing in together was about to close. They didn’t want to stop pretending to be in John Hughes movies together…. So they started a band.”

– Zach Villa and Evan Rachel Wood 
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