Artist Close-Up: Lumikools Needs To Be On A Broad City Soundtrack NOW! (Includes Download)

Lumikools is a rising DJ/ music producer from the Bay Area that needs to be featured on Broad City and every Millennial show that included Good Hip Hop. It is always exciting to discover pure talent that you genuinely feel will go far. His soundcloud is filled with tracks that are ready for radio and television.

Fo’ The Kids is sonic pleasure to your ears. It just feels like the exact song you blast on your radio while riding with friends or running around the city. It captures the feel-good, frenetic energy of urban life, where your community and a cool summer breeze feel like Heaven. Moreover, Matt Cronin’s rap flow found a partner in love and harmony with Lumikool’s mixes. The chemistry between Cronin’s words and Lumikool’s beat are destined to make you happy. Yes, that is right! This song is straight up joy! Yet, if you need more proof that Lumikools should be your Hip Hop producer “go-to” then listen to his mix with Jollibeats feat Supastition.

“Feeling of Life” pretty much sums Lumikools power as a Hip- Hop tastemaker/ music-mixer. Not only do his beats makes you feel alive, but they captivate with their ability to rhythmically capture the beat in your heart. We all have a fun rhythm that courses through us when life just feels right. Lumikools is the king of playing said feeling into sound. Moreover, Supastition’s rhymes bang on to the beat to exemplify that Lumikools can match any rapper’s unique style.

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