Artist Close-Up: Joshua Winstead

You might have heard of Joshua Winstead as a member of the successful indie-rock band Metric. With several studio albums and international success, Winstead has decided to branch out as a solo act. Yet, those awaiting to hear Metric’s acclaimed stylings will be pleasantly surprised by the drastic difference.

One Heart

When I first heard Winstead’s album, MMXX,  I was placed in a humbled awe. I truly expected to hear Metric’s casually cool, in your face sound. Instead, I hear soulful folk. I know this is a rare combination, soul and folk, but Winstead has found a quiet, sincere blend between the genres. Soul is often attributed to a loud cry, while folk is seen as a somber whisper. Both genres look into the depth of the soul’s pain and longing, but approach its release differently. Yet, the slow guitars and enlightened drumming give Winstead’s music a “journeying” sentiment often related to folk, but when you hear his mellow voice, you feel like you are being carried on a road into the soul.

Winstead’s voice has an undeniable R&B flare. His melodies and tone emanate a smoothness that gives the sultriness of the genre. Still, it is not sultry in “sexiness” but in beauty. There is something oddly fragmented to his approach to lyrics and rhythms. I say odd because it is both stunning ans unlike anything you have heard. Check out the video and tell me what you think?

I will be releasing an album review for MMXX in 2 days….. so stay tuned! Here is his official website