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Artist Close-Up: Victoria Reed Shows Music Is Fated In The Cards

Victoria Reed is fascinating in both sound and backstory. She actually began her music career  through a self- tarot card reading. She pulled out two cards. Her present was that of the tarot card Death, which she says symbolized the “rabbit hole” feeling she had felt in her life. Yet, it was the second card,  The Chariot, that was more important because it revealed her triumph over that deathly feeling and a bright future. A minute later, she wrote the title track of her debut album, Chariot.
As a fan and aficionado of myths, it is cool to see Reed’s rise in the music industry be a mystical one like, a legend. It was, literally, in the cards. This magical beginning explains why her music has a celestial feel. She sings on conquering negativity, dealing with existentialism, and, ultimately,  elevating your spirit. Her song ‘All My Power‘ shows the delicate coziness of her voice as she sings about giving her “self-power” to the one she loves. Her ability to sing so easily and profoundly on human challenges that are common but difficult seem like a contrast to her sweet voice. It is as if an angel is softly telling you how to confront self-loathing  and confusion. I highly recommend her show for someone that wants an hour or so of peace. Her promotion of solace and tranquility makes her a welcomed music addition to you iPod. You can buy her debut album: here.