Artist Close-Up: Say Lou Lou Make Club- Noir Music

Say Lou Lou are like two harmonized sirens with piercing melodies aimed at SEDUCTION! As the title above, these young women feel like they were born to create “Club-Noir” music. Oh you do not know what that is? Let me explain. 

As heard through their sexy-cool cover of the BeeGees 70’s classic “Staying Alive”, Say Lou Lou create music that is meant to capture the light and dark vibrations of a club. Like a “film-noir”, there is something mysterious, shady, and absolutely delightful of their sound. From the beginning of this electro-popified cover, images of  women in glamorous, glittered jumpsuits  and men in bell-bottoms and shades pop into your mind. Yet, you are not fully in the 1970’s You are in a glorious, futuristic Club 54, where people let their inhibitions slide away like they were never apart of them. This song makes you want to dance with your eyes clothes, hands in the air, and with your mind drifting blissfuly. It is simply that good. This tone is drastically different from some of their previous tracks, but exciting if it is their new course. 
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One thing I love about Say Lou Lou is that they make music that has confidence ingrained into rhythms. Something about their music can make a goody “two -shoes” feel sultry, but that is NOT a bad thing. Their sound and lyrics go straight for physical beauty and attraction, but in away that mystifies its purity. Hence, my “club-noir” music claim is not only towards the darker frequencies of “Stayin Alive’s” beats, but also its captivating ambiance of life on the edge. You will stay alive to hear more from Say Lou Lou after hearing their music! (pun intended) 
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