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I love music, and I love artists. This may seem like a simple proclamation, but when people send me their music, I know its with hope. Its not easy to send your work to someone because you are sending your heart. Yet, Michigander’s heart is well- worth the listen. 


Led by the passion and perseverance of lead singer Jason Singer, Michigander is a band fro, you guessed it, Michigan. This could explain why their newest songs, “Falling” and “Mexico”, feel like a drive-by through green forests and lightly snowed mountains. There guitar melodies are like vast, twinkling streams that run through their songs as they run through you heart. The effect is perfect for lyrics that are all about finding yourself. We all know that “figuring yourself out” can be harder than solving a crime. Singer’s rich, folkish voice emanates that difficulty with somber beauty. He stunningly sings throughout each track with a range and emotions that are pure, potent, and slightly melancholy, to which spiritually growing can be. He is unfiltered in sentiments, which makes the feelings he wishes to elaborate such as, wonder and confusion, step out of his music and unto your mind like a person would a car after arriving to their destination. Rhythmically, the songs come off like a road of which you can’t decipher whether it is driving you or you are driving it. “Mexico”, in particular, has that journeying vibe makes, which music feel like sonic tales or musical moral lessons.

If this is the route Michigander is taking than I hope their future is filled with Grammys, sold out arenas, and platinum albums. Yet, I wish this not just for their pleasure, but also for yours. They make music that is all about growing as a person, and trying to discover when, how, and why being a better human being is possible. For More Information On Michigander Click Here. 

        TOUR DATES
Feb 16 Mac’s Bar                                             Lansing, MI
  Mar 03 Daytrotter Downs                                     Davenport, IA
  Mar 24 Bell’s Eccentric Cafe                             Kalamazoo, MI
  Mar 25 Uncommon Ground (Edgewater)             Chicago, IL
  Apr 22 StoopFest                                              Lansing, MI
  Apr 23 Bell’s Eccentric Cafe                             Kalamazoo, MI