Artist Close-Up/ Album Review: Selah Sue Announces North American Tour! My Response: YES!

The Belgium- international superstar is bringing her newest record, Reason, to North America, I am LITERALLY FLYING OFF MY SEAT! Selah Sue is truly talented and unique in sound. Now five years since hits like Raggamuffin and Crazy Vibes rocked the world, it is hard to believe it has been that long since Selah Sue has come out with new music. Moreover, it is unbelievable that she has managed to outdo herself again, and bring us more music for worldwide acclaim.

Reason is 12 tracks of generous, perfumed love to your ears. It is sonically vast due to its masterful mesh of electro-soul, trip hop languor, and a verve of house beats, which, again, marks Selah’s striking ability to balance multiple genres into one distinct sound. Recorded in several studios across Belgium, London, Jamaica and Los Angeles, Reason feels like you have stepped into a private jet to travel the globe and see life through Selah’s eyes. Images of the Carribbean ocean, London nightlife, and a New York cafe cross your mind because of Selah’s striking ability to turn multiple genres into a singular, global force. There is never a time in this album, even in more pensive, delicate songs like, Alive and Reason (acoustic), where you do not feel the kinetic energy of Selah’s spirit, her music, and the world she is currently trotting with her sultry pipes. Frankly, Selah’s voice is the sonic embodiment of soft velvet with the rich, sweetness of chocolate. A.K.A Her voice is pure luxury.

After an impressive European multi-platinum debut, Reason is described by the Selah herself as “an equation with many variables”. For her, the album is a sonic potion that exudes her inner vulnerabilities to transform them into vocal power. I have always proclaimed that vulnerability is the key to strength. which explains why Reason is such a strong album. There is an electric heartbeat that courses through each song to make sure that, no matter what, listeners feel revived by Selah. The beats combined with her voice are like jolts to your soul to make you go out and see the world. Thus, Reason may be a journey through the globe in Selah’s shoes, but, by the end of it,  she will inspire you to make that journey your own. Rare is an album that leaves such a memory in your mind of what goodness should be in music and could be through you. 
Selah Sue tour dates:
Mon 9/12 – Toronto, ONT @ The Great Hall (tickets here)
Wed 9/14 – Montreal, QC @ Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre (tickets here)
Thu 9/15 – Quebec City, QC @ L’Imperial Bell Festival (tickets here)
Sun 9/18 – Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer (tickets here)
Mon 9/19 – New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom (tickets here)
Fri 9/23 – Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall (tickets here)
Sat 9/24 – Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall (tickets here)
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