Artist Close-up/ Album Review: Salio Gives Electric Soul in EP “Lost World”

From the Republic of Georgia to the world, it seems Salio was destined to bring her electric rhythms to gospel vibrations in her new EP Lost World. Discovered by acclaimed producer Quint Davis, head of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Salio has impressed thousands upon thousands for her vocal capacity at spiritual elevation. When you think of Gospel, you think of spiritual enlivenment, but not so much a bodily one.

While Gospel music makes you want to free your spirit and electronica makes you want to free your body, when they combine they make you want to free yourself completely, i.e. Lost World EP. Salio’s voice is naturally empowering and evocative, which is perfect for both genres. She can make you feel like the most beautiful person inside and out with just one vocal riff.  Thus, what I love about Lost World is how new it is to both my ears and mind. You will never think dance, electro-pop can mix with gospel music, but you trust and understand why Salio, with the voice she has, can make such a wondrous combination.  Hence, I was bemused by her EP because it showed me a fresh idea. Giving the revival rhythms of electronica/Vogue music the revival lyrics and vocal riffs of jazz and gospel will actually make you feel great. Not good: Great! That is exactly what both genres and every life wishes to achieve. No wonder Salio categorizes her music genre as World: it truly feels like it encompasses a mass sentiment of uplift. Yet, if she told me her genre is otherworldly, I would most definitely support it because that is how her music makes me feel.


Track By Track Review:

Wayside: This is a strong start and track for Salio’s EP and introduction as an artist. First, Salio rocks the chorus with a power that makes listeners equally want to leave haters and negativity at the wayside. Her ability to go from the subtle emotiveness of the lyrics to the empowering roar of the chorus shows why she has attracted listeners of gospel and jazz. She has a vocal and emotional range that captures listeners to follow her wherever she leads.

Lost World: this track is so pretty. The dance bassline escalates the poignancy of Salio’s high pitch and celestial tone. As she sings on dreams and her desire to feel everything, the electric rhythms makes you still to the lyrics like you too are waiting to live.

Your Lover:  this track has Hip Hop/ R&B feels that mesh beautifully with the innate strength and charm of Salio’s vocals. Moreover, the bassline reinforces the sense and sensuality of Salio’s musical theme: she should always be the top pick for love.

Horizon: the 80’s electronica enraptures listeners as if you are being surrounded by Salio’s spirit. You can quickly picture yourself dancing in a golden jumpsuit at a 1987 neon-lit club.  Yet, what is fascinating is how two versions of Salio sing at the same time to build a spiritual harmony. Although the lyrics may be different, the two ranges and emotions of her voice unite to encourage everyone to rise to the horizon. Let us all be our better selves is a dire message for every citizen of the world.

Another Road: oddly comes off like the simplest of Salio’s tracks, but it is still equally as beautiful. When you hear the songs above, you will realize that Salio is an ornate artist. She likes to layer instrumentals upon instrumentals as if she is offering the world a musical wedding cake. I say wedding because it is a moment when you are celebrating a new life, or rather chapter. Ultimately, this is what Salio wishes you to do. She may be intricate in her vocals and song compositions, but her message is simple: She wants to live life , and you should join her.

In life, it always whimsical and welcoming to feel like you are apart of the cosmos, and Salio’s Lost World EP reminds listeners that we are all stardust. Both her vocal prowess and messages are humbling in that they are purely based in joy. Click Here for more information on Salio.