Album Review: Kllo “Well Worn” EP Is Millennial Music

Kllo’s Well Worn EP is Millennial Music. What is Millennial Music? It is the electronic, futuristic rhythms synthetically meshed with nature sound to make your feel like you have traveled into a picturesque garden in 2058. Alright, that is a mouthful, but electronica and synthetic beats are huge with this generation. Moreover, feelings of nature and spiritual vulnerability, either through lyrics or sonics, are also what attracts Millennials. Hence, Kllo’s Well Worn EP has everything this generation of youth admires in the current wave of today’s music.

Kllo has formed an EP that breathes tranquility into any of its listeners. From its first and track, Walls to Build and Bolide, I felt like stillness came over me. Chloe Kaul’s voice is so gentile it might as well be a musical kiss. Meanwhile, the bumping beats of Simon Lam surround you like you have fallen into a vortex of neon lights and cosmic fairy dust. The Lam’s bassline remains a consistent second guide, along with Kaul’s lullaby voice, in allowing her to build an electric universe around your ears. In the song Sense, she taps into the inner numbness everyone feels, at certain points, with their life and relationships. Again, Lam’s rhythms feel like, synthetic stardust, as Kaul so clearly sings about desensitization. This duo are a perfect pair, and this absolutely beautiful track proves it in the quietest of manners. Yet, that is what Kllo has accomplished with the Well Worn EP a quietly stunning and strong step further into the music scene.

One of the strongest songs that encompass Kllo’s ability to create “pretty” music is the unique lightness of Kaul’s voice in On My Name. One thing that Kllo consistently does and is highly beneficial to distinguishing their sound is use Kaul’s voice in different annotations to build their chorus. First, it shows Kaul’s varying range and tone. Moreover, it gives her songs an entrancing ability. Not only is she lyrically embodying your thoughts but vocally, as well. On My Name is one of my favorite tracks and shows how Kllo builds songs on millennial problems through its generation’s musical frequency. The final track of the EP is Well Worn. A smooth mix of R&B and electronica that ends the EP on a high note, and drives that Kllo is sweetness to your sonics. I have to admire their ending of the Well Worn EP on a seductive beat and words of loneliness. The contrast elaborates Kllo’s strongest asset: vulnerability.


Vulnerability is what distinguishes artists from musicians. It is the ability to capture an openness of heart through sound that allows you to be distinct amongst what can feel like, musical sameness. I absolutely loved Kllo’s Well Worn EP for this reason. It felt like light pastry of music: sweet enough to make you be rightfully full. I am excited for their musical future, and you can buy their album here.