Concert Review: Neon Indian Is A Millennial Elvis Presley At Summerstage

I start this review with pure giddiness. I love when people dance. I love when people “get down” like no one is looking and use their stage and surrounding like a pedestal. Thus, Alan Palomo might be my hero. The amount of heart and rhythm he gives with his presence is infectious, and, for me, echoed Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley is a hefty honor. You do not just go around calling every person a Millennial Elvis, but read my journey to this conclusion.The last time I went to review Neon Indian, their drummer was hospitalized. Instead, Alan Palomo gave a riveting DJ performance, that when combined with his epic performance in Summerstage, revealed what a dynamic creative Alan Palomo is. He is absolutely brilliant, and if I had to compare his dance gyrations and approach of the microphone like a constant lover, I would do so to Elvis. They mutually carry that energy of “Look At Me”, but not with arrogance. It is with a natural attraction like, when you look up and see stars. Those stars have done nothing to gain your attention beyond be themselves and shine. The same can go for Alan Palomo. You simply watch him shine because why not acknowledge a greatness beyond yourself.

Slumlord Rising

Neon Indian played tracks from their last album Vega Intl. Night School, which might as well be a Miami Vice Soundtrack or the entry music into Tokyo. This album represents every neon city that thrives on partying and youth. Seeing Palomo perform it live brought to visual essence the amount of soul he placed into its making. Someone whom dances, sings to, and encourages his audience like Palomo could not give any less than his entire self to his music. Hence, both his album and concert feel so fresh and liberating to the fun frequencies of your mind. Add on that the concert was next to the waterfront of the East River Parkway and the night was brazenly humid, and the set pretty much solidified that Neon Indian aims to bring out in their audience a flashy, inner ferocity.

Polish Girl (I love this Neon Indiand Track!)

There is NO WAY you will not come out of a Neon Indian concert without feeling rejuvenated. Palomo’s natural, suave zest was the breath of fresh air needed on the hot summer night of August 9. Who could not feel cool when the surrounding sonic system transported everyone to an electric wonderland? Moreover, I have a sincere artist crush on Alan Palomo. He truly is a talent that should and can dominate radio. When somebody revives an Elvis energy and promotes pure joy with it, they deserve your attention. Therefore, please learn more and even buy Neon Indian’s fabulous music. You will not regret it. Click here for more on Neon Indian.