Artist Close-Up: Pastel Is A Sonic Boom In Passion EP

With so many artists seeking to be seen and heard, you have to admire the sheer determination and self-production of the few whom understand the music industry is also about an image. Nowadays, you need to be prepared  as an artist to come in with your own selling point for yourself. Hence, I admire Pastel’s high quality beats and image as an artist whom is unfazed with his talent being a package to be sold.
Now I am NOT saying that Pastel has no soul. I am saying what makes him have such a promising future as a mainstream success is that he is an attractive brand with genuinely good music. His EP Passion is 6 tracks of solid goodness. Each one is orchestrated with a precision and a pumping energy that leaves listeners eager to hear more. Moreover, there is no new artist “trying to find himself” vibe to Pastel. He knows who he is as a rapper and the depths he wishes to rise from into stardom. You have to admire someone’s hustle and perseverance. It is that faith and intelligence you hold towards yourself that helps distinguish and drive you amongst the bunch. This Kenyan born artist has a bright future, and an amazing EP that blends Hip Hop, Pop, and Electronica into Passion.

Track By Track Review:

Dark ft Lexx Black– What I love about this track is that its heavy, electric bass gives it a noir feel. As Pastel raps with rasp of someone ready to investigate your soul and reveal all its truth, both ugly and beautiful, the song picks up pacing. You feel like you are coursing through a neon tunnel with Pastel as your narrator into  a Hip Hop mind.

The Right Time ft Dark Blue– The Right Time is a good follow-up to the moodiness of Dark. This track has summer radio hit written all over it. It is smooth, casual and meant to be fun. Nothing more and nothing less than a good time for your ears through light, synthetic R&B rhythms.

Prove ft Lexx Black: feels like a lost demo from Kanye West Feat Jamie Foxx. The song is clearly aimed at pouring hennesy, bumping the stereo, and trying to smooth talk the ladies around. It is blatant in its aim, and brazen in its soft, sensual electronic vibes. Moreover, Lexx Black proves to be a good ying to Pastel’s yang. While Pastel holds a rasp in vocal raps, Black sings with a coolness that goes down like the sweetest ice cream.

Deaf Ears ft Edilberto Carminatty– If Prove was about seducing a woman, by Deaf Ears, she is seduced. The bassline is made for the dance floor where couples will feel open and willing to show their love for each other through their moves. The song definitely boosts Passion’s theme of both igniting it in listeners and having it exude from its artists. Moreover, Deaf Ears is a good follow-up track to Prove, and shows that Pastel has a planned presentation,

Afterlife feat Dark Blue- was definitely the loudest, most in your face of the EP and Pastel’s own style. It stands out for its sonic and style difference compared to the rest of the EP, which may make people love it and others not so much. Personally, Pastel shines more as hardened lyrical master when the beats flow fluidly like a sonic river.

Comatose- shares a similar vibe and sound to Afterlife. but manages to feel smoother in inducing chaos. It is a Hip Hop head banger meant to make you “ball out”. It is all about feeling alive today by acting like there is not tomorrow. It was a surprising, strong force to end the EP on.

All in all, Passion is a solid EP and is one step further into Pastel’s rising, brimming career. He has talent for sure, but he also has a good presentation. With his knowledge and heart, it is unavoidable to not feed into his Passion. Check out his official website Here.