Concert Review: Coldplay Soars Positive Vibrations At MetLife Stadium


Coldplay is a band of its own. I cannot even call their music genre alternative rock. Thus, I will be bold, after seeing their concert, and give them a new music genre: positivity. They have always been a band that promotes being your best self and feeling a level of goodness and invincibility as you approach life. Yet, when you see them live, their music initiative becomes fervent action: just be happy!
The Chainsmokers & Coldplay – Something Just Like This (Lyric)

I have always loved Coldplay because of the clear stream of peace and joy their music brings me. For me, they are one of the few mainstream, global sensations that has risen on basic human sentiment. Their show, though beginning with fireworks, confetti, and Chris Martin running through the crowd, is not about any spectacle beyond the grandness of life. Through their lyrics and the shear loveliness that is Christ Martin’s energy, you can actually see why the sun is beautiful, why a stroll in the park can feel like a walk through Heaven, or why this very moment can become one of your best memories. I had mentioned in my Mumford and Sons review, how I felt, at their concert, a moment of self-awareness;I knew I was happy and this feeling is what I aim for everyday. Yet, at Coldplay’s concert, I did not feel only joy, but life and a gratitude for it. In an odd way, Coldplay in concert is like a giant reality check as to how Alive! you are.
Coldplay – Hymn For The Weekend (Official Video)

It could have been the moving rendition of Everglow that Chris Martin sang in dedication to Nice or the fact that Viva La Vida is my favorite song ever, but I felt humbled by the treasure I have that is called life. I admit it, and I am sure you do too, that sometimes it is rough to be alive and stay connected to your world. Sometimes, you wish life had bathroom breaks so you can step to the side and take a breather. Nowadays, with all the darkness being revealed in the world, we are all being called to appreciate our day as if it were the last but how? How do I not act like my job is annoying, my family drives me crazy, my boyfriend isn’t always kind, or sometimes I feel bored with life and think I have not measured up to my potential? These are all common issues and sentiments that I have, literally, heard from so many. Yet, Coldplay brings joy back to its basics. You still laugh. You still breathe. And you still have the chance to listen to good music and dance to the rhythm in your heart. You still ARE!

Hymn For The Weekend

From the color splashes on the stage and our wrists ( a la LED wristbands), Coldplay in concert felt like vivid reminder of how beautiful this world can be when you decide to stay in it, and not constantly travel into the future, past, or some distant Narnia you have built in your head where only you are the ruler. When you let go of control, you can see that, despite the roughness of this world,  there is greatness to offered both to and from you.  Christ Matin’s prayerful, heartwarming rendition of “Fix You” was moving and poignant for the times. Still, as he ended the concert with tracks like, Adventure of A Lifetime and Up &Up, I felt like, the hopelessness of this world had been elevated into light. Are things bad: Yes! Yet, literally, within the first five minutes of Coldplay’s spectacular show, you feel how good things can be.
Coldplay – Viva La Vida

I have to thank Coldplay for creating a concert that makes you feel good and actually believe in your own goodness. No one walked out of MetLife Stadium, for both July 16 &17, without feeling like things are going to get better, and that the moment they just shared with tens of thousands of people was proof of it. We all were together in music and positivity, and that does not have to be a rare gem. Coldplay’s music and current tour proves that it can be a common luxury.


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