Concert Review: Flume Brings The Beat To Forest Hills Stadium

I have reviewed the Madison House Presents Concert Series before, and can proudly proclaim that Forest Hills Stadium, is an epic outlet for an amazing night of music. Yet, this night proved it was a perfect space to host a world. From the minute, you entered the open arena, you witness a crowd open and energized for every bassline that was about to hit them. From Chrome Sparks to Flume, Queens became home for the Electric Youth.

On August 27, Forest Hills Stadium became a home for those, like myself, that believe a good beat could unite a people. I always proclaim that the word Electronica is synonymous with Millennial, by which DJ’s are the leaders of this generation’s music culture. That night Forest Hills was packed with some the of the premier DJ’s of the world, with the final one being my favorite, FLUME!. Yet, before this artist rocked my world and entire being, let me give you a bit by bit review of what opening artists Chrome Sparks, Ryan Hemsworth, and Shlohmo had to offer.

Chrome Sparks

Chrome Sparks was a perfect opener for this sold-out concert. The bright sun meshed with his twilighted mixes. If there is a DJ hat can make a beat sound starrier than him, please introduce me. Musically, he  creates rhythms that seem intergalactic, as if he does not use sonic waves as much as sonic lasers. He began the overarching atmosphere that Forest Hills Stadium was a world where youth could be blissful, and the DJ’s of the night were kings. 
Chrome Sparks Meets Psychic Twin
Ryan Hemsworth 
Continuing the solid line-up was Ryan Hemsworth, whose beats can make you feel as if you have entered the virtual version of your own life. They carry a synthetic heart to them that is deeply connected to Hemsworth’s spirit. He is known to close his eyes and dance to his mixes as if they are coming straight out him rather than his mix-table. Yet, that type of connection to music (plus a Fabulous T-shirt as seen above) is what helped to further the night’s vibe of unity in fun. 

As dusk arose, so did the EXCITEMENT! People were readying for Flume as if they were entering a dance battle. Luckily, Shlohmo carries the same innate ability to make a mix that is undeniably and universally good. His rhythms were the perfect spark to command the audience to get their feet ready because they were about to move A LOT!
Say It- Tory Lanez (Shlohmo Remix)

Do you see the lights of this picture? Imagine them before your very eyes. The visuals of his show were so mesmerizing, it made viewers feel like they were a batch of kids that still believed in Santa Claus. They stunningly matched what had to have been an epic set.  From Tennis Court to You & Me, Flume played the night as if he was on his greatest hits tour. Track after track felt like a song had made residence in your ears. From broken glass to a golden woman, the ever-changing screens and strobes ignited a world of imagination to viewers that, when matched with Flume’s tracks, made everyone feel like family. Everyone danced with everyone and took portraits as if we had all grown up together. There was no “I am sticking only with my friends” or “I came here alone”. By the end of the night, Forest Hills Stadium felt like a family reunion and an Instagram dream post (i.e. the picture above).

Never Be Like You

Honestly, this concert was spiritually uplifting. It was amazing to see everyone’s face light up in the mutual sentiment of Good Music. While most rely on beautiful lyrics to know a good song, Flume teaches the weight of a great sound in giving listeners’ musical pleasure. Every beat drop mystified the audience, whom NEVER stopped dancing. The one hour set literally felt like eternity, which made the only bad thing of this night was that it had to end. The night of August 27 was a night that proves happiness is real, and Flume is definitely an act to provide it.