Concert Review: Booka Shade Brings A Religious Beat To Brooklyn Masonic Temple

Booka Shade brought the house, or rather temple down, on Friday. The German electronica dup played the Brooklyn Masonic Temple in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their massive hit record: Movements. As part of their international tour, the duo have been playing to packed houses whom are loyal to Booka Shade for creating an album that mutually defined electronic music and their dreams. Many artists have an album that defined their success and the very essence of their artistry. Michael Jackson had Thriller. Prince has the Purple Rain Soundtrack. Booka Shade had Movements.

Imagine having an album that defined a generation of EDMers? The coolness of that idea mystifies, but it is a reality to Booka Shade. For them, Movements gave the duo an amount of fame and prosperity that have helped them to ride the electronica wave without releasing much new music since or, at least, until Friday night in Brooklyn. Of course, in returning to their rightful limelight, they introduced new tracks like, “Hallelujah USA”, a dark synth track that makes you wonder the ominous intent of that “Hallelujah”. Still, it was seeing Booka Shade play Movements that excited the crowd, of which, quite a few had traveled from different states and countries just to hear this record in a live space. Moreover, to witness the stellar visuals that matched an album based on the machinated moves of the human body. 
A picture can say a thousand words, and, in the case of Booka Shade, a visual sends a thousand meanings. A pair of legs with wires, chargers, and batteries as its upper torso? A tapping hand whose skin layer opens to reveal spinning wheels? Beautiful women contorting their face in sporadically lighted headshots? All these images were apart of Booka Shade’s performance and added a narrative to a record that barely had lyricism. For Booka Shade, their visuals revealed the symbols and intentions of Movements as a symphonic discussion over how the body expresses itself. What better place to send such a message then in an electronic dance party? After all, it is in these locations where the fluidity and machinations of a body are exhibited. How people flow into rhythms, plan choreography, or stand still are sincere expressions of their being. Your physical movements can reveal how you move spiritually, and the Brooklyn Masonic Temple was the perfect location to have such a rhythmically soulful message be sent. 
Of course, people were there to simply dance and be entertained, which was witnessed by the fact that no one was still. Everybody moved, even for the slightest, because Booka Shade’s Movements is irresistible. These men know how to make electronica that lives up to the genre’s name and mission to rectify music and thus its lovers. Yet, the visuals and their meanings felt like an added bonus for those  who need their imagination, as well as their sonics, stimulated for movement. When you see a vision, you may want to be it, as well. Thus, seeing machine legs run like The Flash or spontaneous shapes appear on the screen, moved the audience to follow Booka Shade’s music through the spirit of their body. For More Information On Booka Shade And Their Tour Dates Click Here.