Concert Review: Martin Solveig Is The Best DJ Alive At Flash Factory

I am convinced that Martin Solveig is the Best DJ ALIVE!. Diandra Reviews It All has reviewed Flume, Mad Decent Block Party, and Bang On NYC shows, which are notorious in the dance world. I have danced my way to some incredible shows with the top DJ’s of the world, but, on December 3, Martin Solveig showed Flash Factory why he is certainly one of them, if not the best. 

It is hard to describe a good time because it is euphoric, which is exactly what Martin Solveig is in concert: euphoria. He, sincerely, had one of the best mix sets I have ever heard with a splendid blend of current Hip Hop hits from Drake and Kanye, classic 90’s dance tracks (It Takes Two), and his own originals splashed amongst them like a musical fruit lemonade offered to a crowd thirsty for joy. From the minute he entered the stage, Solveig walked with a welcoming glee that could, easily, make you underestimate his mixing prowess, if you have not heard him before. He even stood on the ledge of his staged balcony to take a picture of the crowd. He seemed too casual and approachable to be one of the Top DJ’s of the world, which is why the France native was so charming. Again, if you did not know him, you might say, “Who is that happy guy?”. Well, that “happy guy” is the keeper of your happiness as well, and his smile is not simply for his joy but yours. Solveig brings forth the dreamed achievement of high caliber musicianship with a genuine excitement over his talent and its capacity to move people. 
 Do It Right ft. Tkay Maidza

Watching Solveig DJ is a brilliant experience, in part, because you are so impressed with his creativity. After years in the industry, he brings the intoxicating confidence and knowledge that I love about seasoned musicians, whom know every inch of their fan-base so well, they could teach a college course on them. The way he fluidly mixes tracks into each other with the spontaneity of a thrashing river will leave you in awe.  Although you have no idea what rhythms will crash into the pebbles and rocks of his beats, you feel a growing sense of adrenaline seeing that musical river thrash over you. It is as if you are the ocean it was destined to meet, and for those at Flash Factory it was an elated encounter. Everyone danced, sung every lyric, and felt a level of bliss that mesmerized. Yet, it was not a bliss that was planned because it was people’s “night out”. It was the bliss that comes when you hear good, fun music. 
The Night Out

Music can aim to move your soul with the truth of its wounds or the truth of its joys. Solveig aims to move your spirit with the truth of its joys. He is simply a “phenomenal” concert to go to if you are ready to splurge on a good time and the possibility to meet your happier self. As I looked at the smiling faces, the atmosphere of happiness was irresistible, and everyone looked at Solveig like he was Godsend, which, at times, due to lighting, it appeared so. With simple, strobed lights, Solveig did not need to rely on heavy visuals to have his music speak for him. His mixes are their own language, and one I, along with everyone at Flash Factory, could speak every day. For More Information On Marin Solveig Click Here.